Light Breakfast to Lose Weight

We are one step away from the beaches, so we have every right to watch our weights and want to feel light for the summer. Losing weight isn’t all about eating less on contrary it is about eating the nutritious one. We have combined healthy and easy recipes, especially for working women.

Have you Tried Oatmeal with Cacao?

You definitely should try adding cacao to oatmeal; you will not resist this practical and delicious recipe.


3 ts oatmeal

2 tea cup of milk

1 ts of cacao

Banana, strawberries or other fresh fruit.

How to Cook

Add orderly oatmeal, milk and cacao in a small pot. You may increase amount of cacao according to your taste. Cook oatmeal slowly in low heat and when condensed wait till cool of. You may add as much fruit as you wish.

Bon apetite.

Smoothie on Breakfast? Why Not?

It may be unorthodox to think smoothie as a breakfast bur oatmeal, chia, and fruits are nutritious and a square meal.

Smoothie for Breakfast

Ingredients :

½ glass of yogurt

1 banana (or similar fruits)

1/4 Glass low-fat milk

½ Glass of oatmeal

1 ts. Chia seed

¼ ts. Vanilla (optional)

How to Prepare

Stir all ingredients until its smooth and let it chill in the fridge. You may garnish with fruits. Bon Apetit!

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