Have you finished Ramadan preparations? I bet you have done the shopping by now. For long iftar dinners and fulfilling sahoor meals, your fridge should be full. Have you bought your husband’s favorites and put your daughter’s snacks to the freezer yet? May be you have planned which mosques to visit for late night prayers and who to invite for first iftar?

I know Ramadan is thrilling and equally tiring even before it starts. But now, I want you to stop and think it over again and again. What is Ramadan is actually for? Is it about staying hungry to empathize with poor or stop eating and drinking till the down to please our creator Allah? Is it time of the year we appreciate the value of what we have and show Allah how we give up them for his sake? We might list the reasons for pages probably, and I believe this is what Ramadan for. I suggest this Ramadan let’s stop thinking about what to cook for dinner or where to break the fast. Let’s all put our families aside for a moment (but not longer if you have little children wanting to fast as they need to be encouraged) and think about what Ramadan means to us. Let’s turn our daytime hunger to an opportunity to comprehend our soul’s necessities. May be Ramadan is given to us by Allah to find our inner self without serving the necessities of our body to understand our soul.

For this Ramadan this is what I propose, for each day let’s take time to think and find a special prayer for the day. Beside the suppositions of Islam, I believe we should take time to think what our spirit needs. It might be a deep focus on our sins and settle an account with our conscious, praying for forgiveness on that particular sin with tears. Or, maybe we should fallow the sunnah of our prophet Muhammad and break the feast with just water and couple of dates. I deeply believe this reflexive thinking should be a personal process and figuring out the worship you need should be unique according to your needs.

Before being a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend I suggest us to be a Muslim women first. Celebrate this Ramadan with yourself and feed your spirit while abandoning your body, your mortality. Let’s invest to our immortality while bounding with our creator, Allah.

I hope we may please Allah this Ramadan.

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