Louboutin Colors Art of CJ Hendry  

We know her devotion of anti-realism, and now we are timid to appreciate her renderings of iconic Louboutin shoes.


Her arresting, hand-drawn artworks of household objects and luxury goods are detailed, causing viewers to stop in their tracks for a double, or triple take of her photorealistic drawings. Previously her paintings of iconic “So Kate” and high top men’s sneaker “Louis” had occupied gallery walls and collectors mantelshelf. She had an exhibition with high anticipation; The Trophy Room in which she immortalized iconic items by covering in bronze before they became the focus of her sketches. Even though she is well known with black-white paintings and sketches, for Louboutin’s iconic red-soled shoes she dives into color scheme.

However this exhibit is not her first with Christian Louboutin, the “Complimentary Colors” will be fifth and will be on display at Art Basel Hong Kong. Visitors will see 50 pieces out of waxy paints on different colors. CJ decided to get out of her comfort zone eschewing black and white in favour of freeing colors in her. The exhibition premiered in March 21st at the Anite Chan Lai-Ling Gallery, Fringe Club where most of the thick oil paints are complimentary to red in order to reflect synergy and homage of iconic Louboutin soles.

During the three day exhibition, guests was invited to work in tandem with CJ to create their own colorful works of art on the gallery’s white walls. An especially whimsical tool conceived by Christian and CJ, revealed at the opening, served as the medium in which the visitors inject color onto the blank walls. Famous designer Christian Louboutin said regarding to their collaboration “the main thing about her works is being able to feel fun and artistic touch”.


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