We all know having a snack before bed is harmful for our body. But sometimes long working hours, late night friend gatherings or studying we can break the law and have a light snack. Here are practical and low calorie night snack for nighthawks.

Avocado – Cheese – Whole Bread

You don’t even need a recipe. This is healthy, practical and without much trouble snack. Get a slice of whole bread and put a favorite cheese and good avocado, voila! You can go to bed with full stomach without much regret.

Strawberry Rolls 

God knows what you have thought when reading strawberry rolls. But this is a healthy and easy recipe. Get a few strawberries and after washing but oatmeal, 2 spoon of chia and one spoon of coconut. Belnd them and make small rolls. You can sprinkle raw cacao if you want.

Fat-free Calf Ham Sandwich

Gather around calf ham lovers! Fat free hams are healthier than turkey or chicken hams and ideal for a low calorie night snack. You can a delicious sandwich with two thin slices of whole bread and tomatoes or cucumber. Choose for your taste.



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