Luxury Advisor Ozlem Gusar Reviews 2017 Jewelry Trends

Outstanding Luxury Advisor of Turkey, Ozlem Gusar valorized 2017 jewelry trends exclusive to

 One of your expertise fields is jewelry and you occasionally organize gatherings, what will we see in 2017 jewelry fashion?

I can say jewelry became my expertise field in time, I come together with various people and it is incredibly joyful. Believe me; women enjoy listening tails on jewelry as much as wearing it. As for 2017 Jewelry trends and how to wear it with style; blue rocks, gemstones, baroque pearls and champlevé on giant necklaces will definitely be hits of the season.

Let’s take o quick look on these 5 trends in detail.
Blue Gems

Just to spite the colorless world, jewelry holds every hue of blue has built a throne on women’s and designers heart. From deep and original Tanzanit shades to and electrical blue named Praia Tourmaline originated from Brazilian Paraiba district and turquoise, aquamarines to lapis lazulies every hue of blue are irreplaceable for 2017.

Golden Desire 

Golden jewelry is so popular that we might say 1980’s revived from the grave. Pure golden jewelry without the support of precious stones is designed as huge bracelets or tiny romantic necklaces. New techniques enable creating different surface texture with gold and we can not resist them.



Jewelry designers re-use enameling to render possibilities of the nature as a desire of nostalgia. Due to fact that enameling masters are reducing around the globe, champlevé jewelry is on the radar of collections and luxury buyers.

Despite the beginning of 1990’s Europeans called eastern jewelry “barbaric”, they were amazed by rough rocks that were cut as facades to reveal their own shine. After a century these rocks are in favor for being light and looking huge at the same time and their humble appearance.

Unusual Pearls

Pearls are gifted by nature to ocean and ocean to women as a symbol of purity and innocence for centuries and as a crucial component of elegant style. Contrary to the usual look, these year pearls will be seen as baroque and amorphously on marginal designs. It is usually preferred for rings and pendentives thanks to unique fluent look.

Huge Neckless

As they can alter an outfit entirely, necklaces take the role of a savior this season. With this garish jewelry various styles and raw material can be used. Asymmetric designs are favorite.


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