Fashion is about to become skein that is fed from manifold events of history, texture, culture and more… The skein is grooving everyday as if it can only survive by being nourished by that.

Matter of fact, the art is mostly a main vessel to feed fashion, evenly it can lay hold of some fashion currents time to time. The art movements inspire designers as it can touch their soul, emotions or even capabilities. One of the movements that left a deep impact on fashion is baroque art which is dazzles fashion world with the glory and magnificent touches.

The baroque art carries the traces of early 1700’s today and wheels the fashion. With the definition baroque implies sparkle and glory which shaped the architecture, plastic arts and music in that era. Arising around late 16th century in Italy, Baroque art was a vanity sign for Europe until late 18th century which is actually a source for wealth images in our mind today. While inspiring fashion industry, Baroque art left a deep mark on prominent western brands like Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Valentino, Dolce&Gabbana, and Chanel.

The designs that baroque art touched we can see broker and glided fabrics, beads, laces, guipures, copious patterns and embroidery, dimensional patterns, velvet, jacquard and glittered textures. As you can see at designers’ work; magnificent body lines, swollen surfaces and dimensional ornaments are used very often. Of course splendid and pompous Baroque clothes makes us feel special. Creating your own line to overcome ordinariness is a good way to express your fashions sense, use baroque to create your own personal style.

Moreover, it is not that hard to reflect Baroque art to your clothes. You can add dimensional surfaces to velvet fabrics, ornament brocade fabrics with pearls and beads or use embroidery and pearl together to be part of that glory. So you can overcome the simplexes and have a unique style.

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