Attention ladies! Did you know wrong make-up practice may give away your age and even make you look older? There are certain mistakes make-up artists warn you about which makes you look way older than you are. Here are simple solutions to avoid those mistakes.

Using Heavy Foundations

Do you aware of the common mistake of using heavy concealing foundations to cover up faults of your skin but eventually look like having a mask on your skin and looking older? Besides trying to cover up thin wrinkles and goosefoot with concealers will make them appeared even more, keep in mind.

Solution: You will look younger with thin foundations and natural effortless look is the plus.

The Powder Dilemma

Be careful, you may need to use powder but you should arrange the dose like a chemist! If you draw the long bow you skin looks rough than it is usually is, let’s say.

Solution: If your skin is too oily you should apply a thin layer of powder just your T-zone.

Nude Lipsticks

This warning is for dry lips. Did you know if your lips dry promptly you can make your lip lines apparent with light lipsticks? Dark colors and thin lines will make you look older.

Solution: Coral or peach tones makes you look younger with more natural look.

Under Eye Concealer Issue

Under Eye skin is one of the most delicate are of our face. Thus, while applying under eye cream you should just use gentle touches with massaging. Otherwise your under eyes will look more baggy and wrinkled than it is.

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