Make Room for Yourself in Your Wardrobe 

Psychologist Berin Tuncel

How is shopping for the new season going? Could you buy some outstanding pieces? I bet you have matched them with old ones as well, as a little touch with classical pieces.


We can finally hit the road after wearing the trendy outfit and branded fashion bag. Where to? It could be everywhere, to school, to work or shopping again, may be to a long trip….

We can survive outside as long as we play by the rules, thank Allah. Because even there are TV shows to teach how to dress up to fit in occasion. Human kind is going to somewhere, somewhere nice and good I hope.

We all are marching to somewhere but we forget to stop. what kind of journey is it without a rest and break, demand you to move constantly? There are two worlds “one we live in and the one lives in us.” Of course there should be other “worlds” or may be spheres but our shallow heart and narrow mind can only comprehend this much.

The world we live in has a very busy schedule, we have to reach somewhere, do something, and fill some lists. Weeks pass by as a day and days as an hour. As a sine qua non outfits cling us to life. We are so busy deciding the perfect attire for the next event, how to look for next occasion and calculating measures of staying fit, young and fresh. Our other crucial roles, motherhood or employee take their share and become a part of mission: being visible.

Are there any room left for ourselves in the wardrobes we emptied for the new clothes every season? Do we able to stop to realize what we actually need while playing ‘I-budget-for-myself’ game? Can we define our true necessities for a moment without motion, planing and turmoil?

I (unfortunately) know that most of us answer that question ‘No’. Remember we used to fill a bucket with water and spin around as really fast? The water wouldn’t spill until we stop and with driving power of spinning would empty it right away…

Life is like the water in a bucket, environs us all. While moves along spinning, drags us with it. When did we grow so old and come to this point, how come did we became the person we see in the mirror?

Eye of the tornado…

Motionless and calm. Excluded from everything. The center. We must definitely able to see that center. The way world we live in doesn’t matter, we should go back to the world lives in us. That world is our center. The place of ageless new. In that place, we are the most beautiful, and the ugliest but the austere and naked; we are real version of ourselves.

Make a big and silent room for yourself in wardrobe for the new season. We don’t have to be in the spotlight, let’s just put spotlights inside.









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