All About Metin Akdulger and His Artistic Career

Emine Merve Serbetci

I love when a TV show becomes a school or ecole to train an actor turning him into a star, like Friends or The Forbidden Love. Sometimes an actor or actress have the fabric of a famous star but never finds soil to cherish his talent. Or, on the other hand, some actors trust on his good-looking face and internet fans so there is no propellant power to make himself better at his work. Thankfully Metin Akdulger has been neither. He invested to his education, took part in correct projects and became this successful star we love to watch. Let’s take a look what is behind the spotlights and dig in Metin Akdulger’s unknown life.

He was born in Bursa in 1988 originated a Balkan immigrated family but opened doors of fame in Istanbul while his education on Public Relations in Koc University continues. He has always wanted to be an actor during his childhood in a big farm and performed little plays with his friends. Once he came to Istanbul, he started taking acting classes form legendary theater actress and trainer Yildiz Kenter along with private session with personal acting coaches. I admire this kind of dedication when it comes to TV business, as he doesn’t rely on his looks and relationships, even at a young age he was dedicated to build a career.

Well that long worked and dreamed career started in Craft Theaters with a little play called “Cassette” but his first on screen experience was with the movie “Bensiz” directed by Ahmet Kucukkaya. He worked at gym for 8 months to lose weight to revive his character at the movie. Meanwhile his college education was going on and he was on the football fields for practice because he was about to play an old football star who had a stroke. To be successfully playing this role he visited stroke patients and observed their lives. He mentions in interviews that this process was emotionally and psychologically corrosive for him and couldn’t leave behind for a long time.

He was proved himself as a good and skilled actor in an IKSV production play Didaskali from Viladimir Nobokov in which he successfully reflected inner and communal conflictions of the character, Ganin. But his fans know him with his role at “Tide”, the role Orkun met him with huge crowds. And the rest is mostly known part of the fame, at the Magnificent Era he was Sultan 4th Murad. Also last season he was in front of audience with Masenka, a drama in the 40’s Istanbul. For a 28 years old actori Metin Akguder definitely is on the right path to mark his name at the show business.

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