“My biggest joy of life is cooking”

 “I have always been excited about my part in Magnificent Era”

 “I am intimated by Hurrem as she is a passionate woman”

Pelin Karahan has been a lovely face of the white screen since she had appeared in a youth show years ego. When she debuted in Magnificent Era as Mihrimah, charmed the audience with bright eyes and pure beauty. She was almost a vibrant, energetic little girl during the interview, as proof of her genuine and naturally charming personality.

 How did you get offered the part in Magnificent Era?

The production company I worked earlier was running the set of the show. When they proposed, I thought working together is right thing to do; we got together because they felt like I was right for the role after all.

What are the difficulties of working in a period show?

I became careful and aware about our daily manners, like I want to cross my legs but then I stop myself; that wasn’t a custom behavior for ladies in that era. You need to stand upright and know where to put your hands all the time. I constantly control myself, like sometimes a daily phrase is about to come out of my mouth but I manage to stop.

What left an impact on you about Mihrimah?

 She is capable of manipulating people to make her desires done in a very young age. As she is a “sultan” she can use that power about love, state matters or family issues. I think she is this way because of her mother. But I am impressed by her power.


Which Ottoman Sultan affected you most? 

Honestly, I haven’t examined and affected by a particular person. But I can say Mihrimah and Hurrem left a deep impact on me in the show.


Historically Mihrimah and Architect Sinan’s love is a great deal. Do you think affection becomes love if people can’t meet?

I think we should avoid talking large, it might be varying according to people. May be, hope and excitement of being apart keeps the heat of love still.

Who would upset you if you were among audience?

I can’t say anything because I can’t be objective about the show that counts for every TV project I work in.

What stands between two ends of emotional roller-costar for you? The most upsetting and thrilling things?

You may be surprised but I became unbelievably happy with a good food. I adore every kind of pasta. I am rather fragile and delicate; I can be happy or sad for little things.

What kind of mother Hurrem is? Have you influenced by her?

Honestly, I am intimated by Hurrem as she is a passionate woman. But of course, that is the truth of the era. She is a strong and independent woman who denies resigning herself. That makes her “Hurrem”.

 How about beauty secrets?

As it is good for skin, I try to go to Turkish bath whenever I can. Once a month massage is beneficial for body too… I cleanse my skin on daily basis and apply moisturizer. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke and being careful about my sleep routine. I believe doing so naturally protects skin.

How do you define your street style?

I like to wear casual during set, loose mum jeans and sneakers are inevitable for me. Of course I feed my feminine side with high heels and ladylike skirts time to time.

Your favorite brands?

I love Zara for casual wear, like shopping without paying a fortune. When it comes to designers, I like Elie Saab, Tuvana Buyukcinar, Dilek Hanif, Ozgur Masur. My make-up brand is MAC and perfume is Bvlgari, Jasmine Noir.

Your work schedule is rather tiring and dense. What do you do to relax in your free time?

 I cook. I can say my hobby is cooking. I like preparing long meals to my husband, my friends and family.


Which meal are you best at?

Of course everyone has different taste but I think I have improved my skills on tiramisu. Actually I am good at desserts.


3 essentials of your wardrobe?

Black tight! It is comfortable and can be matched with anything; flat shoes or boots. I also like white t-shirt and denim shirts.


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