Austere but cool… Are these two words define your style? If so you can consider yourself luck as one of the favorite trends of this seasons is black and white monochrome style.

If you find yourself with shopping bags full of white and black pieces and adore white details in the dark black, the pattern means black-white stripes, geometric patterns and more black-white configurations; here are the monochrome hit pieces of the season.

The basic philosophy of the monochrome style is actually based on two colors: white and black. These two opposite colors make a great harmony and balance which consists plane but sophisticated style. The key is not mixing two colors in heavy pieces and being careful about patterns. Black and white is already assertive colors and they are known with pointing out the proportion if used in big stencils.

Black is very favorable among women as it is adoptable in every situation and hides the extra weights. Monochrome style makes the black look modernized with a hint of white or on the contrary, gives a little bit vibrant look on all white outfits. You can freely use geometric patterns this season.

Elegant, austere and noble… what else would you expect from a style?

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