Nature’s Way to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

High rank of the population is suffering from mental diseases like anxiety or in a better scenario stress because of modern life rush. Instead of knocking doctor’s door every other day how about using nature’s way to reduce stress? Here are miraculous solutions from the nature.



Heliotrope is good for anger issues, PMS and stomach aches. Boil one spoon of heliotrope and drink while hot, you will feel the relaxation spreading through your body.


Melissa Tea

The benefits and relaxing effect of Melissa tea is a well-known fact. The root of this plant goes back to ancient Greeks and they used to utilize it for stomach aches and as a tranquilizer. Before your period, try to consume a cup of Melissa tea after dinner.


Sweet Basil

One of the main enemies of stress is basil. You can use them adding your dishes or drink them after boiling. The relaxing effect will help you to sleep well.



Ancient wisdom of Far East has always amazed western medicine. Ginseng has been a commonly used plant for ages in Far East and known as best natural tranquilizer.


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