New Interpretations of the Traditional Embroidery  

The traditional embroidery our grandmothers engrave on the sheets and curtains look really nice on jeans and shirt this year. And, yet to come, because in the 2017 fall-winter lines those beautiful patterns will be on everything, literally, from bags to sneakers, they will go through golden age.

Embroidery has been done on fabrics or straws with yarns and silver-gilt thread. You see remarkable motifs on traditional adornment and naturally they used to be handmade but nowadays machines are being used. Initially the embroideries were on nice and ornamented sheets or on old painted pots. In Middle Eastern communities all kind of embroidery took place on wedding chests.


There are special traditional ways to embroidery on fabric, but generally needle and hoops are used. They require hard work, dedication and patience just as all kind of crafts. The quality of the fabric is important for a neat work, also the yarn is important; it should be solid, few twisted, bendy and shiny. The traditional coloring methods have been very delicate on this matter, it is known that special dyes are prepared in order to avoid mingling.


Today embroidery has been very popular trend. It was fashionable in 90’s but now it is golden era for all kind of embroidered pieces. We have seen at least one piece on the runways of prominent fashion houses like Reem Acra, Gucci or Marchesa. Gucci has left a deep impact on fashion circles with colorful embroidered bags. In the last couple of years affordable brands have been designing all kind of items with embroideries from sweatshirts to night gowns and to shirts to shoes. Even, the sportswear collections adapting to the trend and all brands are designing embroidered sneakers.



Don’t you think it is time to make room for this beautiful traditional craft in your wardrobe already?


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