The Optical Illusion of New Age Dresses

Who doesn’t want to look leaner with only one single dress and look best of herself while wearing? Do you know dressing according to your body type? Do you know secrets of hiding your weight without corset? Answers to all those questions are hidden in optical illusion of new age dresses.

The concept intrigues with its name which can be used in all fields of life as well as clothing. Besides it creates miracles if you use them correctly. Let’s discover to create remarkable silhouettes with optical illusion.

First of all let’s speak of optical illusion as a concept. Optical or visual illusion is used when the reality differs from the sense, stated in other words our eyes mislead us thanks to pattern and light. We can sum it up as misjudgment of the real images in our brain. Or with a shorter and understandable statement, optical illusion is actually a “false notion of senses”.

Using Optical Illusion in your Wardrobe

Regardless to your body type, you can have a longer and thinner silhouette with correct style methods. Optical illusion steps in this point and camouflages parts that you don’t like and besides makes your height longer and your weight lesser. You’d easily have a thinner and leaner body silhouette.

First of all, you reflect your inner energy to your surroundings. Hence the basic rule of wearing right is loving yourself and making peace with your faults, keep in mind even homer nods. If we all agree on that, let’s figure out how to look more elegant and chic using the optical illusion…

Use Monochrome Style or Tone-Suré-Tone to Look Leaner

There are two basic rules for a leaner silhouette. One of them is wearing tone-sure-tone and other is monochrome. Actually, two of them are close styles to each other. Or, if we have to define, using the one single color at all the pieces of your outfit is called monochrome style. However, there is a light difference between monochrome and tone-suré-tone; the monochrome style has features like black-white stripes and using its harmony on different combinations. Using different tones of the same color for the entire outfit would make you look leaner.  Namely; your silhouette would look wholly when you trick it out with one single color and hence thanks to optical illusion, you’ll look inevitably tall. Especially choosing nude shoes or socks would support that illusion.

How About a Leaner Silhouette with Ariel Dresses

Combining light and dark colors on one dress saluted fashion world at the 2011 Stella McCartney Fall\Winter collection, and became a popular designing style since. They’d help you to look at least two sizes thinner with that interesting look. Dark colors on panel dresses make that part look shaped where light colored part of the dress creates the optical illusion to make you look taller. If you need to look thinner you should definitely take advantage of it.

Taller Silhouette with High Waist Trousers

The 70’s famous high waist wide cut trousers became a hit again thanks to fashion circle. If you have short legs and comparable tall body you can take advantage of these pants to balance your body proportion. Remember, regardless to the color or brand, if you are not aware of your body proportion you can’t look decent and chic.

Care About Choosing Bag Pursuant With Your Body Type

Bag is the most important accessories to complete a style and express the vogue of a lady. However most of us choose the bag in accordance with our clothes or personal taste. In fact, what we should do is try to hide our faults and utilize optical illusion with our bag. If you are a petite lady, definitely avoid huge bags like tote, hobo or beach bag forms. For the sake of optical illusion, clutch bags cut out for you.

Use a Thin Belt to Shape Up Your Body

Another piece that creates optical illusion successfully is belt. Using correct belt would give you advantage of looking taller and thinner. A belt that was worn slightly over your waist is able to make you look shaped as it underlines you waist and makes you look taller as you can balance your leg and waist proportion.

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