Every year the winter comes with a hit piece. Last year we have seen the hint of oversize trend but this year will be their time to rule. Here are the codes of being a good subject in oversize realm.

The oversize trend is no doubt made all modest dresser happier in stores more than anything, may be except the sales. Of course an oversize jersey looks cooler than any other jerseys, and feels way more comfortable.

When you see soft and cozy sweaters you want to hide inside them and pray for winter more. When they protect you from the cold, you can look better in a casual outfit. Besides, it makes wearing a pair of jeans easier. For school or office, there is an oversize jersey for everywhere.


Don’t feel like you have to combine them with only jeans, this season you can use them with trendy pleating maxi skirts as well. You don’t have to match a tight piece with a loose one anymore. Welcome to 2017. The hovel trend is so wide, wearing all oversize won’t be found odd anymore. However, we suggest you to make a distance with fancy stilettos because they look way better with booties or high sneakers.

If you insist on to wear high heels, get a chic look with a shiny plait skirt. They will balance each other and your stilettos won’t look absurd at all.

We see huge necklace with an oversize jersey but honestly, where is the balance? Your top is enormous enough to make your mum angry, ıf you want to add your signature, go for cute little pins or armada. If you are tall enough you can color your styling with belts.

Oversize current came with layering of course. You can pair them with a loose coat, a long scarf and long boots. Let’s hope winter to come immediately!




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