Perfect 15 Summer Vocation Combinations

The heat in city center unites us around one dream; a nice summer vocation, preferably in a silent beach town. Even the world holiday makes you feel fresh, think about that time you start packing. The holiday you need is around the corner but have you packed correctly? Read further for the perfect holiday combination

Since July and August and is best time for a holiday the main issue of chit chats are “where to go” or “what to take” or such. The ideas about hotels and destinations  are on the website, but in this article we will talk about your suitcase and ideal holiday combinations.

Initially I think holiday outfit should be confortable and casual. Of course a woman wants and should be stylish wherever she goes, but being “too stylish” with much effort may seem absurd. You can easily be the most chic women a hovel shirt and sport shoes. I have investigated where to buy or how to find the pieces from the combines, so let’s begin.


I will start holiday combination suggestions with Hilal, she always does justice for what she wears. We all know flowers make a holiday more fun. Hilal uses the energy of the flowers with her outfits abundantly. In order not to overwhelm the look with patterned kimono, she picked soft colored pieces and caught a nice and mild harmony. Instead of silk try cotton or linen shawls for summer, it is hard at the beginning but once you get used to, you fall in love.


Busra prefers to use flowers only in her shawl and combined it with classical black and white. When she gets those shoes don’t go with the beach, she must have been take them off.


Shirt : Mango – 59.99 TL

Pants: Zara – 89.95 TL

Shoes: Oxxo – 89.95 TL

Bag: Mango – 39.99 TL

Shawl: Fresh Scarf – 35 TL



 I stumble upon this dress very often in discover section of Instagram that became the it dress of the summer and of course Tuba Tekin combined it with great pieces and I think she wears it the best. I have always liked one-piece outfits for the summer, it looks cool, stylish, and confortable.


Dress: Aybike Stil – 159.00 TL

Bag: Anthropologie – 228 TL

Shoes: Keds – 39.99 $

Shawl: Fresh Scarf – 40 TL

Sunglasses: Rayban – 590 TL



The trend color of this summer, yellow looks fresh on this confortable dress. Other pieces with soft colors support the freshness of the dress. This combination will be perfect for a beach vocation.

Dress: Woch Store

Shoes: Aldo Sandalet (Boyner) 199 TL

Belt: Mango – 39.99 TL

Shawl: Yargıcı – 71.96 TL

Net: Hm – 199.99 TL



You can make a more sophisticated combination with yellow dress with an ankle stringed sandals like Sena Sever.


Dress: Kadriye Basturk – 240.00 TL

Shoes: Oxxo – 99.95 TL

Bag: Bambi (Trendyol) – 49.99 TL

Watch: Hm – 99.99 TL

Shawl: Hulya İnce – 40 TL

Sunglasses: Kö – 24.90 TL



The more I hate wearing denim on a holiday, I couldn’t resist as Killa Derune made this cute and fresh combination. In fact, the jeans are not so thick, it is even very voile, that is a relief. If jeans are irreplaceable for you, try these voile denims.


Romper: Oxxo – 129.95 TL

Shirt: Oxxo – 119.95 TL

Bag: Kanken – 325 TL

Sneakers: Adidas (Adistar Boost) 163.00 TL

Shawl: Mango – 19.99 TL

The comfort of the overalls may easily compete with dresses. Strapped pieces are fit the summer as much as blossoms. Transverse or lengthwise, use them freely but of course be aware of your body proportion.

Overall: Atolye21 – 145.00 TL

Shawl: Fresh Scarf – 40 TL

T-shirt: Mango – 49.99 TL

Shoes: Mango – 89.99 TL

Sunglasses: Sentetik Sezar – 70 TL

When you look at the picture holiday spirit seizes you. The best summer accessories are definitely hats and you can add one to all your combinations. Of course straw hat would be better instead of suede one. Besides, I think those 90’s Kurt Cobain sunglasses go with this combination.

Blouse: Theory (Beymen) – 899 TL

Pants: Zara – 129.00 TL

Hat: Yargıcı – 59.90 TL

Shawl: Mango – 19.99 TL

Sunglasses: 40 TL

If we left one color behind while going on a vocation to resent for it, that would be the red. Even if it is a tiny little piece, it should be in that suitcase I think. And of course don’t leave the printed shirts of the season behind. As you know, all women like to give a message, regardless the place.

Jacket: House Of Camellia (Boyner) – 149.99 TL

Pants: Hm – 99.99 TL

T-shirt: Twist – 30.00 TL

Shoes: Acne Studio

Watch: Twist – 66.00 TL

Shawl: B.scarf – 40 TL


If you want to make peace with red, maybe you should make a combination like a red explosion. It is just for the holiday.

Dress: Kuaybe Gider – 199.99 TL

Shawl: B.scarf – 40 TL

Shoes: Bambi(Trendyol) – 39.99 TL

Vase: Leonardo(Beymen) – 329.99 TL

You can have a very sports and casual looks with a gingham dress which is really trendy this summer. To break the strong effect of black and white try to combine it with a gingham dress and green. The result is obvious.

Dress: Butikgez – 185.99 TL

Purse: Mango – 59.99 TL

Shoes: Oxxo – 79.95 TL

Shawl: B.Scarf – 45 TL

Watch: Hm – 49.99 TL


Tugce Geyik made a combination as a great example of summer denims. With white trousers and shawl it definitely suits a beach view. I wish she would have worn a different sandals, I think black is not so summery.   .

Shirt: Mango – 89.99 TL

Pants: Zara – 129.99 TL

Bag: Oxxo – 69.95 TL

Shoes: Bambi (Trendyol) – 49.99 TL

Shawl: Mango – 19.99 TL

Sunglasses: Rayban- 590 TL


I always fancied the harmony of khaki and red. What Senanur wears is suits the summer most. Even if linen gets wrinkled easily, the overcool feature makes it worth.

Jacket: Touche Official – 179.99 TL

Pants: Touche Official – 129.99 TL

Bags: Mango – 139.99 TL

Shoes: Bershka – 89.95 TL

Shawl: B.Scarf – 40 TL

Sunglasses: Twist – 45 TL

You how the weather got crazy this year and makes us live the winter day after heat wave from hell. Similarly in holiday villages weather might get cold in evenings. For that situations try to match thin sweatshirts like these ones.

Sweatshirt: Mango – 99.99 TL

Printed Sweatshirt: Mango – 49.99 TL

Pants: Oxxo – 99.95 TL

Shawl: Aplique Official

Bag: Zara – 79.95 TL

Shoes: Zara – 99.95 TL

I feel glad If I could help you a little bit. Wish you all a happy holiday already…


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