Make Piece with Colors

Do you need new ideas to decorate your home? Are you seeking a new style for interior design that will totally change your living areas? Here, meet the alternative look of the living rooms with vivid colors: the pop art decoration.

This vibrant and alternative style has messages to comprehend, which is also preferred by the artistic people who kicks over the cliché. The controversy and harmony of the chosen colors, abstract art pieces and pattern works has something to say about the usual decoration reflexes.

How to Choose Accessorize and Furniture?

The pop art style became famous in 1960’s which has risk to look cheesy and kitsch if you fail to apply.  The dimensions of the pattern and the colors are crucial here. Now, let’s touch on how to use these pieces in a correct way.

Color Choice: The right colors for pop art are neon ones. Feel free to use the vibrant tones of yellow, blue, orange and red. You can’t reflect the soul of the style with pastel colors, try dense and vivid tones. Besides, using all of them together may lay the groundwork of a tasteless decoration. You should blast one color and be careful about the harmony of ground and furniture.


Furniture: One of the most important veins for a tasty imprint is armchair models. The armchair you choose might have retro breezes or rather a modernized line. The important point is ability to reflect the right color choice and accent.

Using colors on furniture is usually right and avoids eye-straining decoration. You may want to paint the walls grey or white and use colorful armchair. Or vice versa… Plain sofa with colorful vibrant walls…


Accessories: The most important factor of the accessories in home decoration is painting. And when it comes to pop art, first think to come in mind is Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe paintings. Of course using cookie-cutter paintings adverse the pop-art soul. There are alternatives for abstract painting lovers, vivid ones have the power to alter your living room alone. Evenly, one strong painting makes your room stylish alone. Thus, you shouldn’t neglect the paintings and be careful while choosing one as they are the most important subsidiary part of the pop art style.

Apart from these, the pattern and color of other objects and shams are vital. To complete your style, use vivid shams or wing chairs.


The Dinner Table and Chairs: The latest trend in the decoration is the wooden dinner tables. You can paint them into pop art colors; alternatively you can use various colors in every chair and have a vibrant living room. Or rather, you can purchase ready-made pop art furniture, they remark not only with colors but also with the pattern factor.


Finally, on the colors, if you enjoyed the accessories mentioned below, want to bring vitality into your living room but hesitate to look exaggerate; the formula should be: plain walls and sofa, colorful paintings, sham and other accessories. So, you can decorate austere but not tedious living room.

If pop art style strikes you, you should keep in mind: there is no solid formula for it. You don’t have to use all the pop art pieces at once or have to choose certain items. You can use the style on objects, accessories or furniture with your own taste.

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