Is it Possible to Resist Burnout Syndrome?

Dr. Sinan Akkurt


As you know Y generation is people born between 1980 and 2000. Oldest one is 37 and youngest 16-17. The generation has the biggest gap since. They are found of their freedom; don’t like to work in working hours in an office. Works becomes their part and want to be an executive at once. They don’t work to make a living; they work to have freedom to spend money. We can call them ruthless, they criticize whoever doesn’t think alike. If we judge by the cover, they work hard and live in their own way, don’t appreciate interventions.

When we consider these features carry on at the work, we can see how they become consistent until they get what they want. When they focus on something they develop attitudes and thoughts according to it. If they fail somehow they become furious and begin to resist, their energy diminishes and power fades out but they don’t realize it. If they continue this way, they may get Burnout Syndrome.

Burnout Syndrome can be understood with these traces; emotional breakdown, decreased motivation, not ability to fulfill responsibilities and couldn’t perceive maintaining life. They may come short of daily needs. Excessive emotional tiredness, loss of energy, being insensitive and lower self-esteem are among common symptoms. They may feel insensitive to others feelings and turn upon themself.

Things paint themselves into a corner with working excessively, not resting enough emotionally and mentally. Busy work environment and unfulfilling emotional needs may drag one into personality loss. Sometimes we here celebrities suffer from burnout syndrome like Britney Spears or Meryem Uzerli.

Every emotion has biochemical compensation in our body. When we get sad our blood sugar increases, when we get angry body tension rises or other way around. When we are happy we don’t get sick and have higher motivation for life.    Hence, the most important issue is avoiding stress and trouble as much as we can.

Can we Avoid Stress?

If we can prepare a stress free work environment performance and creativity will rises. Activities like “happy hours” or weekend gatherings like picnics and cultural activities will hinder burnout syndrome and rise motivation.

People work in skyscrapers and plazas exposed to intense electromagnetic dirt and accordingly they experience physical and cellular stress. The cellular stress rises with the air pollution and radiation from cell phones and computers. Combining all these factors, Burnout Syndrome occurs. Thereby, companies should fight with electromagnetic pollution as well. Cellular stress can cause stress in general but also may ground a place for illnesses like cancer. You can diminish these risks with big plants like cactus which pull the electromagnetic waves and suck the radiation. The bigger the plant, it gets more radiation because it has more soil to transform.  Additionally white or pink quarts rocks can gather radiation.

In a body that exposed radiation in order to renovate cells and tissues, nutrition is important as well. A person should consume proteins like meat, milk, eggs and a bowl of yoghurt every day. Yoghurt is crucial to get rid of radiation of the body.

To sum up here are my suggestions to avoid Burnout Syndrome, being active, doing sports, getting massages, doing meditation and yoga, thinking positive, consuming herbal tea, doing activities to rise motivation, diminish electromagnetic pollution and drinking 40 cc water per kg.


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