Pre Make-Up: Eye Circle Moisturizer

Here we are, at the middle of winter, living indoors almost without sunshine and the long summer vocation is far away. With colder weather the moist loss on the skin increases but thank god we have moisturizing skin care treatments to lend a hand to us. However, ladies mostly tend to neglect the eye circles, as they only meant to be shadowed and then cleaned… Unfortunately as the eye circles are rather fragile and delicate, you shouldn’t apply every moisturizer you use on your skin on your eyes.

The Sensibo Eye Contour Gel is a delicate and zero tolerance eye care cream for under eye bags which gives deep moisture to your eye circles thanks to its enriched formula with glycerin. It helps to raise the skin tolerance with Toleridine patent, in addition to protect the skin against external factors with making it more enduring. The gel promotes to soothe the tense and discomfort on the skin at the same time. The caffeine in its ingredient reduces the under eye bags, swelling and wrinkles. The product gains attention with high eye circle tolerance as it doesn’t contain any preserver additive ingredient or scent.

Sensibio-Eye-Contour-GelIn addition to it is convenient for all skin types including tender and sensitive skin with low tolerance, it doesn’t cause any disturb for contact lens users.

You can apply once or twice a day after you cleanse your skin with Sensibio H2O. It should be applied with gentle massages until the skin soaks all. You can have you daily make-up without damaging your skin afterwards.

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