The essential thing to look young and health with a perfect make-up is well moist skin. If your skin is dry, it becomes an open target for skin problems. Here are ways to deal dry skin and protect it.

First Thing; be Careful about Sun Rays

The damage done by UVA and UVB rays expedites aging. The harmful sun rays will cause thin lines, wrinkles and black dots are accompanied by dry skin and rigidity. You should keep in mind sun protectors should be used not only summer but whole year. We recommend you to add a sun proof moisturizer to your make-up routine to minimize dryness of your skin and also protect against sun light.

Time to be Kind

It is important to use the right cleanser for delicate skin. Tough cleansers usually cause extra dryness on your skin. You should choose a natural cleanser and rinse your skin carefully to soften and relief your dry skin. You should purify your skin from residual soap and cleansers because it can cause dry skin by itself.

Warm Water not Hot

Winter is time to soak into hot tub, or take a hot shower to relax your body. However this is not good for your skin even though relaxing, it will dry your skin. Hot water melts the natural oils of your skin which works as skin barrier. It is crucial to protect skin barrier as they help to seize the moist to keep the skin smooth and soft, thus you should use only warm water at the bathroom. Besides it is helpful to limit bathroom duration to 5-10 minutes. And never forget to apply moisturizer after shower.

Hand, Feet and Elbows

If you can’t moisten your legs, arms, back, hand and especially elbows they will get dry. To avoid hand dryness, apply lotion after you wash your hands.


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