Everyone knows the importance of colors in interior design. Well, do you know the meaning of colors you use in your home? We have compiled an interesting article for those who needs to change colors of their home.

Color of the Season: Yellow

Yellow is the color of the sun, so it boosts your living energy and makes you vibrant and energetic. The heart-warming color contains various color tones. If you desire to use yellow in your decoration, use it few and light tones of it. Soft tones of the yellow have positive effect on human psychology. If you use it more than you should, negative emotions like jealousy, betrayal or such, be careful…

The Calm Realm: Green

Of course nature is first think to think about with green. You should make room for green if you need to bring peace to your home, well, who doesn’t? Besides, green has relaxing, confident and calming effect on your psychology.

When you use green for interior design you will support peacefulness and tranquility to your home and also you will make your guests feel safe as if they are in their home.

Red: Thread or Treat?

Red of course is the leading actor of color when it comes to gaining attraction. Naming the color of love and passion, red provokes anger and danger. So, you should be careful about using it for decoration.

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