Psychological and Moral Solutions for Your Negative Thoughts

Aysenur Ozkan

When I was a child, they used to tell us a story about a king who wanted to meet happiest person of the world. One day, he commands to his guards: find me to happiest person and bring me his shirt. They scatter to the four winds to find him however it is a tricky business. They think they stumble upon the happiest person of earth but when they hear from him they wander away.  Everyone has a problem, bigger or smaller. When they start to feel desperate, they realize a shepherd among meadows; he is unaware of everything and everyone, only concerns to pipe.  They say oh, thank god, finally we have found a peaceful person. They talk to him and indeed he is content and happy with his life.  They ask his shirt to take to the king but surprisingly, he doesn’t have one.

Sorrow, anxiety and depression are one of the most common negative feelings our community is suffer from. We almost have no friend hasn’t experienced anti-depressant drugs. Our generation couldn’t even complain about headaches but now teenagers are free to use depression as an excuse from school. Our life quality is becoming lower and lower because of these negative thoughts that spreads like a virus.
Fear, anger, sorrow and happiness are four fundamental feelings that are accepted by psychologist. There are one positive feeling opposed to three negative feelings. Moreover, if happiness were as easily acquirable as fear, anger and sorrow we wouldn’t have to look for a way to get rid of negative ones. We have to endeavor seriously in order to be happy but a minor gesture, sometimes a word or even a look can easily make us frightened, angry or sad.

Every feeling that creator put in our nature has a function, whether it is positive or negative. Imagine a child has no fear. Life would be really hard both for him and parents. How can someone who doesn’t concern about anything give a way to life or move forward? Or, how can survive a person who is incapable of getting angry when his life, country or honor is threatened?

A successful person is able to realize negative or positive feelings and direct his life to please Allah, in the light of that awareness. A person who doesn’t drawn in sorrow , doesn’t defeat to anger and fear but struggles to change everything he can and accepts the things he couldn’t.

Asr Sura of the Qur’an has a recipe for disease of the era, sorrow and anger. It begins with swearing on the fact how mankind is in frustration and that frustration is a loss. However, salvation is in faith. Mankind is ought to see hidden cause in gloom. Just as discovering the diamond in coal, seeing the good in negative is the real salvation. We have antidote when we indorse it with good deed. Afterwards, the Sura continues with advising patience and justice; which is moral duty of living together in harmony. As the psychologist of our community claims, if you have a couple friends to advise well and tell the truth, we will be pointless.


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