Are you unhappy with the huge gap between your dreams and your life? Here, I have a few advices that might raise the awareness of your life and color it up.

Get Rid of Extra Belongings

Take a couple of hours for yourself this week and check all your shoes and clothes. Don’t let anything to stay if you haven’t worn them in last one year. We always say the more material a human gets more materialistic he gets. Let them go, you’ll receive someone’s blessing in addition to being freed of them. You’ll have thousand of result if you Google “cloth donation”.

Wake Up Early

Once a wise man said “sun doesn’t rise on smart men”… Don’t only think of it as a ritual, if you read the biography of the most successful businessman of the world, you’ll catch the details; they wake up early and work with sun rise. Here’s a suggestion: go to the highest point of your city in the sun rise and enjoy the awakening city. And then, compare that day with a day you slept till the noon. You’ll see how a simple experience can change your life entirely.

Play an Instrument

None of the musicians got Alzheimer’s until now. I began to play saz in middle school and reed flute collage. The feeling like my head is a messed up library with books were spread all over the floor only releases when I play reed flute, as if it heals and gathers together. I strongly recommend you to play an instrument that helps you to clear and tidy your mind.

Read a Book

My favorite gnome is “smart people take lessons from their experiences, smarter people learn from others’ experiences”. Every book has a story to tell, opens a gate to possible lives; ensures us to enhance our imagination. Do yourself a favor and spend this Sunday in a bookstore or library. May be you will find the missing piece you’ve been long searching while sipping your coffee.

Stop Carrying a Grudge

What happens when you nurse a grievance and become successful? Your enemy would be harmed. Ask yourself what is good for chasing anything that has no yield for you. Carrying a grudge makes your opponent take a huge place in your life and mind. Convince yourself that it is time let go negative feelings and forget anyone who upset you.

Don’t be Afraid

“What is to be afraid of in front of the Creator?” What can possible frighten a believer other than building a distance between the serf and creator? You should en your fears for a stress-free life regardless the subject.


Social Responsibility  

Don’t consider yourself living if you don’t give aid to others. You should be involving valuable projects in your free time from school or work. For example visit almshouse which is hidden in the cities like an old treasure among the woods and give a little attention for the almsman who is craving for a warm hello. Go to have a hope to be visited someday…

Dear Diary…

Keeping a diary will ensure help you to discipline your life. When you turn keeping diary into a habit, you’ll have chance to confront the events of the day and see the promises you made hasn’t vanished. One more thing; “You’ll feel like having small dates with yourself until the big day”.

To Do List  

I have suggestion for everyone who wants to use time to grow up and develop instead of getting old. You can find programs or applications to order your day or you can go old school and use pencil and paper like me. You will take a big step to enhance your life experience if you carry your to-do list with yourself, give a change.

Praying for you to live whatever you ought to…


Hikmet Anıl Öztekin

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