The good bacteria reside in our intestine in order to produce nourishment, prevent infection and support our immune system by fighting against harmful organism. These microorganism s also known as probiotics is vital for our body health.

As a result of constant harmful nutrition contemporary human being is battling with many diseases like obesity, cancer, cardiovascular problems and such. The cure is not in the pharmacist, but in the stores and local bazaars. According to scientific experiences the main bases of healthy nourishment should consist of fermented food and diary which we get probiotics from.

The word probiotic is actually Greek and mean “for life”. The probiotics formed with fermented lactic acid has been known since ancient times. In 20th century, 1907, Russian scientist Ilia Miecznikow got Nobel Prize thanks to lactic acid fermentation.

In 1954 Ferdinant Vergin used the term prebiotics for the first time in an article about antibiotics and harmful effects of antibacterial agents. When the year 1965 came, Lily and Stilwell defined probiotics as “microorganisms that helps other useful microorganisms grow”. Fuller in 1989 mentioned the helpful effects of probiotics to the organism. In 2002 World Health Organization defined probiotics as “when they get a certain number, they are deeply subsidiary for the organism they live in”.


According to researches, the beneficial effect of the probiotics folds into four.

  1. Probiotics produce anti-microbus matters to aid the body.
  2. Fights with harmful bacteria.
  3. Balances the immune system
  4. Bans the toxic production of harmful bacteria.

The scientific work until know proves that probiotics have countless effects on heath including immune system urinary system. They are effective on many intestine illnesses like irritable bowel syndrome, nephritis, helicobacter… The reason why probiotics have so much positive effect is they support intestine flora. They also help cure of the many diseases like cancer, obesity and cardiovascular problems.

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