Refreshing Detox Recipes for Summer

Bloggers loved it, personal trainers got crazy about it and anyone who is interested in weight loss or healthy life has tried it. Well, at least once. We are talking about detox drinks. As you know in summer our body has oedema and water retentions and in order to get rid of them, detox beverages are very useful, moreover they are outface the hot weather. Here are some detox drink samples to get rid of toxins while refreshing.

Watermelon and Mint

The favorite summer fruit meets with refreshing spice; Mint. Cut a couple slice of watermelon and put them into icy water and add some mint. Here is a simple detox beverage perfect for summer.

Strawberry and Lemon

We can’t talk about the benefits of strawberry, and not to mention how tasteful it is. It nourishes the skin and known as anti-aging effect; that makes it perfect detox ingredient. Slice a couple strawberries and put them into a pitch full of water and add lemon slices. Let it cool in the refrigerator and ready to drink.

Peach and Cinnamon

Peach is one of the great fruits of summer. A detox beverage with peach will be delicious and nutritious. Cut thin peach slices and put them into iced water and don’t forget to add cinnamon quills. Bon appetite.

Cucumber and Lemon

The most refreshing beverage of all times and most common one is certainly cucumber and lemon detox water. You can prepare it in the morning and consume all day long. Keep in thw fridge and add mint peppers time to time.

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