Revival of Turkish Series; “ERTUGRUL”

Ertugrul is a TV drama Show which everybody is harping on. We have interviewed the lead actor of the show, Engin Altan Düzyatan and figured out what Revival refers to.

How Were You Introduced With The Project?

We usually shoot movies in summers and beginning from July, we receive TV show’s scenarios and start to read begin-worthies. This was the definitely best scenario I read that summer. But, I have hesitated about shooting because this kind of historical dramas are risky, if you manage to maintain the massive production, hardwork and dedication it requires, the show turns out a great success but if you fail you become a joke. So my hesitation was whether I should be in it or not. Then, I met Mehmet Bozdag who had a full command of the period with his enormous energy. We trusted him to be accomplished and saw the gleam in his eyes.

Now, I am so glad for my decision, to be in and am very consent of what we are doing. All staff is very professional, from costumes to decoration, scenario to make up, all phases are satisfactory. We have progressed very well for two years.

How Would You Describe Ertugrul Beg Characteristically? Demystify Us…

Historical resources are ten pages long only and most of them includes information on their whereby, their migrations and battles on certain historical dates. In fact, these are very common and general information. Ertugrul is an Alp, we need to be familiar with that period’s culture, life style, human relations to gain clear comprehension and initially we’d worked on that. To understand life of an Alp means to recognize their values, Ertugrul is a man who is willing to give up his life for his nomads and soldiers he lives with, that is an era everyone is raised with these values. In the series we disclose his strategic knowledge with philosopher Ibn-i Arabi teaches them in process.  First, Ertugrul’s father Suleyman Shah is his mentor, then, he becomes a real leader who thinks ahead strategically and knows about world thanks to tutoring lessons of Ibn-i Arabi . In history Gundogu separates the Clone, a part transmigrates with him, Ertugrul gathers his nomads in Sogut, thanks to his wisdom and faith, he manages to embed other clans with the growing seigniory and found a solid ground for Ottoman Empire. Besides, the period itself is very impressive and agitated, the land we ruled quietly in Ottoman Empire was surrounded by enemies and inner political conflicts, that’s why I love the era.

Did You Have an Influence On The Character Beside Scenarists And Advisors?

This is a mutual work. After all, I revive the character. Over the four months I didn’t only have tutored on archery, we also talked on scenario. What kind of man Ertugrul should be, how to sustain his soul was our primary concern. We also discussed that we should reflect his development process as a leader, so we have shown young, brave, reckless warrior in the first season and he will grow old as the show continues. We will see different man in 30th episode than we had seen in 20th naturally, and all these were mutually decided by me, Mehmet Bozdag, our director, scenarists and lots of employees of the show.

As A Turkish Warrior You Mastered Riding Horse And Archery, As We Heard. How Did You Manage That?   

All I had was that 3 months. I used to ride horse, thank Allah and I owned an arch, so somehow I was familiar. But of course Ottoman Style archery is different, normally non-Muslim pull the bow differently, we have shorter bows, Christians have long-bows. The short bow and arch style allows us to shoot backwards on the horse, the design is innovative. I learned quickly because I had always interested in weapons of the era. I am also in to adrenaline outdoor sports and a reckless man, I guess it helped in learning process too. If you hesitate or got scared to fall down, it takes more time to learn how to ride a horse. I don’t get anxious about falling when learning a riding trick.  It will happen if it meant to be, I believe.


Of course… But I fell decently, almost threw myself to avoid serious injury.

Ottoman Shows Springs Our Minds Schemes and Conspiracy. Will Ertugrul be Victimized By Plots?

 A quick glance will tell you the system is based on political schemes because in case of thrown, schemes are inevitable. Here, there is a seigniory and thus a thrown, there are people to seize the power and sources, so conflictions are very common and understandable.

Do You Think Eductive Mission Of The Show Makes It Difficult To Watch?

Not at all, as I said earlier, it has negative and positive effects, it depends how you pass the information on the TV screen. If the knowledge transferred didactically just the sake of information itself, it will be boring, such as history books that gives information successively loyal to dates. If we do that, nobody will watch because TV audience naturally wants to relate with characters, have fun, and feel love. That does not necessarily refers we only shoot a fiction, we have reliable advisors mastered in early ottoman History and thus we cultivate and furnish solid information with entertainment.

You Mentioned Love, What Kind Of Love We Are Talking About?

Ertugrul deeply loves Halime Khatun, his wife and mother his three children. Their relationship is was not bed of roses; there were many ladies in love with Ertugrul Khan. And there are schemes between them; it is not an easy era. Strategically, privately, they had a really rough life.

Which One Is Overriding Drive, Passion For Halime Khatun Or Regime?

In fact, it is not possible to separate those two. But, if we have to distinguish for every Alp, clan and its future is always top priority because they co-exist. But that think he put his love for wife on the back burner, they just happen to exist in different boxes and definitely not competitors. They grow in together and grow into each other, because if you love your family you you’re your clan that family can only live in and your bloodline and heritance will grow into…

If We Look From the View Point Of Ratings, I Assume Two Passions Should Be Treated Equally 

Yes, we definitely should. Also we have a bit of action scenes that we try to maintain. Because if we only tell love story we would be underestimate the era which is clearly shouldn’t. Due to our expatiation, this is foundation era, there are too many enemies, too many strategies and thus we need more information to produce something decent. If we dive into love at the risk of over skipping these it wouldn’t be fair, we intend to show the era as it is, with difficulties, friendship values and so. Actually we want a show that all of them are interwoven.

That Means We Won’t Be Able To Watch Foundation Of Ottoman Empire Then? Do You Feel Doubtful About Bounding One Job For A Long Time?  

Normally I enjoy short periods in work, shooting for a couple seasons, knowing when to start and end it. An actor can keep his creativity alive with short jobs but this is different, I can work in this project as long as it takes. In this project I have a chance experience unusual things in every episode and I will scudded very different areas which will be pleasant as I am a bit hyperactive. I won’t be going to set in every episode that I know what to encounter. Nowadays it is quite obvious what to expect from an actor in a show, there is love, you fell in and deal with stuff meanwhile but you know how to act pretty much.  The ratings are jumbled of this reason because audience is bored of watching similar stuff over and over.




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