Rome With Me II


When we say Italy our mind automatically thinks about pizza and pasta. Italian pizza is known with rich ingredient on crusty and thin dough. The serving is pretty huge but as the dough is thin, it only feels big. Long story short, you feel eating the ingredient not the dough. The pizza kinds are plenty, potatoes and spinach ones were best for me. If you want, you can buy a slice of pizza and eat it while you wonder around the city or enjoy a nice park on a bench. Briefly, you can choose how to eat. If you like, most of the pizza places sell portions and the prices vary the place you eat.  The slices are usually 3-5 Euro and portions are 10-12 Euros approximately. Pastes are very delicious as well, and cooking manners are different. They are served almost it raw. You can choose the dressing or make them add one of the ready-made sauces. At Rome, there are pasta restaurants as much as pizza places. You can also order pasta at pizza restaurants. Portions are rather small and the price is 9-11 Euros per plate.




I don’t think you’ll have a chance to eat ice cream like this. They are magical and brilliant. Even magnificent. I don’t know have you ever seen 65-70 kinds of ice cream together but I haven’t. There are chocolate, vanilla, egg, bean, soufflé, tiramisu, watermelon, melon and even baklava flavored ice creams. There are 4 different cones and they come with different sizes. You choose the cone first and then the ice cream. If you like, you can have those sparkled dried fruits instead of chocolate. Prices are between 3-6 Euros. And the interesting part is, the price doesn’t change according to the amount, you can have as much as you like. You can find such amazing ice cream booths all around Europe. The most famous and touristic one is the one in front of Trevi Fountain; you can easily recognize it by the long line in front of it. If you ask me, wherever you eat, all ice creams are same at the Rome.


Despite the fact that tiramisu is an Italian desert, most people don’t know that, so you shouldn’t return without tasting it. There are exclusive tiramisu shops in Rome but you can order in any restaurant you like. If you ask me, I think the best tiramisu is at the corner of Trevi Fountain, the little shop closes at 18:00 and I can assume they prepare the best tiramisu of the World.


There aren’t much shops to buy garments is Rome city center. There are few souvenir and  gift shops at the alleys here and there and they are not open to bargain, just saying… They might            get rid of you just for asking. Even though there are few store they are  huge and variety of stuff is satisfying. One of the most beautiful souvenirs from Rome is definitely trinket  and you can find tiny Trevi Fountains and Coliseum for 1 Euro. There are various one just like every touristic spot of the world, like Murono glass and coffee cups. If you want to buy clothes, you can ‘’Castel Romano Designer Outlet’’, it is extremely huge and you can literally find any brand. There are buses from up town and it takes 45 minutes top.

Simay Altıner

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