Rome with Me!

Are you ready to ramble on the Rome streets with me?  Let’s discover where to shop, what to eat and how to draw best route!

Have you ever fell in love with a city? Well, how about a piece of art? The moment you take a step into glorious city of Rome you will fall in love. What is to love you ask? Well, people, street, food, music, the buildings, the entire city is yours to love. The capital of the Italy is a city that is ruled with parliamentary system and currency is Euro and the language is of course Italian. According to legal resources, the history of the city goes back to B.C 800 and even contains a tiny city like Vatican. As the city is in the Mediterranean region the winters aren’t so cold but the summers are sweltering. I can say the best season to travel Rome is Fall or Spring. There are tours to Rome from every country that includes accommodation and transformation, if you prefer to go solo, they might be expensive.  I always prefer the big Italy tours to enjoy all aspects of this rich country. Thanks to these tours you can enjoy not only Rome but also more beautiful cities of the Italy. If you happen to pass by Rome one day, don’t leave before you toss a coin to “Fontana di Trevi”.

The Airport  

There are two airports at Rome; ’Fiumicino-Leonardo da Vinci’’ and ‘’Ciampino’’, among them the former one is more preferred- no surprise it is one of the busiest airports of the Europe. You can reach to Rome from many countries via this port and you can travel to the city via taxi, train or bus. If you travel via train you can be in the city center at 30 minutes. The bus takes almost 50-55 minutes, taxi takes 40 minutes top and the city center has a fix fee which is almost 42 Euros.


Reaching to city center is relatively easy. You can prefer subway, taxi or bus around the city. Subway is available around 05:30 and 23:30 but I suggest you not to take the last one, the entrance might be closed around 23:00. You can purchase the tickets at the entrance, single, daily or three days good tickets can be bought. Taking a bus is not unfortunately easy, you might have to wait for too long and there are not bus stops everywhere. If you stay 11-12 km away from the city for example, you might have to wait for almost one hour. 4-5 km costs 5 or 6 Euros, 11-12 km costs up to 15 Euros.


Of course Rome is the city of sightseeing. You should see the monuments of the ancient Rome like Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Stairs, Palantino Hills and Saint Peter’s Basilica… They are well-saved historical monuments and the best thing about Rome is all of them are close to each other. Everyone knows about Colosseum and Trevi Fountain. The Colosseum is the biggest remaining amphitheater of the world. It was damaged during the years because of natural disasters and fires. You can enter the monument and see the inside.

The second well-known monument is the Trevi Fountain which I think everyone knows about. Even Trevi-like fountains were built around the world. According to story if you throw a coin to the fountain you’ll find the love of your life and will come back to Rome. The fountain is also famous for being in the Rome Mythology.

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