Our easiest breakpoint in winter days is wearing black from head to foot. What are the rules to dress up fig out in black and not look cutting corner? As it is the easiest color to make both sophisticated and sportive combinations, the black eludes from others and becomes favorite of women kind. Besides, it makes our obsessive “over”s sweep. Have I mentioned it is also a time savor? But the best part is, it falls into step with every occasion, you can be the sharpest or the most sportive lady of the day with black pieces…

However, black outfits don’t always give the result we’d imagined. When we look into the mirror, realize something is missing but couldn’t find what it is. There come the rules of wearing black, looking jaunty and cool is easy if you follow them…

  1. Embracing the Right Shade

If you wish to go all black the hue difference between pieces becomes vital for you. As black is almost a relative color, there are thousands of hues which doesn’t look compatible with each other. Even though it is hard to find the same hue, match pieces with at least similar ones. So you’ll have a neat and cool look rather than dressed whatever you find.wear-all-black

  1. Lose Colors

It is indeed a huge disappointment to find out the lovely black dress you bought hotly, shaded off to grey. But unfortunately you have to hide them at the depths of your wardrobe as they’ll make your look fade away well.

  1. Looking Leaner

We all know back makes you look thinner. Even, we adore that the most. But if you want to look leaner, you can use colorful accessories on your thinner part to direct the attention. Your aim should be distracting the eyes…


  1. Sub-Skin Tone

The most important think in modest clothing is choosing the right shawl for your hijab. The sub skin tones folds into three: cold, warm and neutral. If your sub skin tone is warm, a black hijab would cover fault of your skin. However, if you have cold sun-skin tone the flaws will be explicated. So, if your skin has cold tones you should avoid black, unfortunately.

If you could watch out these details, your outfits in all-black will look much more elegant and stylish.


Asude Davran

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