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Here is 4th Instagram Styles of the Week where we examine all fashionistas of Instagram. This week my table is really full, it not like those weeks where everyone is silent on Instagram as if they packed a deal together.

This week was blessed and fruitful, and even I had to sacrifice someone for the sake of the article. If I would write them all, you’d be literally reading a whole week.
Halima Aden was total disappointment last week with the outfit she shared and collaborations she made, this week has took part in exclusive Ramadan kaftan photoshoots of luxury ready-to-wear modest fashion site modanisa.com, which I wrote about earlier. Her Instagram profile looks like gained the quality it needed thanks to high end fashion brand’s abayas and dresses.


The artist @fatmazeynepcilek whose works had been exhibited in worldwide before, had got married last week. Of course as an artist we expected her to wear an extraordinary wedding gown, and she fulfilled our wishes. The asymmetric lace coming out of her veil gave nostalgic and elegant touch to her plain wedding dress. It felt really good to see a plain cut wedding dress after exaggerated puffy ones that makes you look like sat on a wedding cake.


@turkishairlinesarabia continues “come to Turkey for holidays but via Turkish Airlines” themed social media advertisements and brought @dalalid and @taimalfalasi all the way to my home town Antalya that I wasn’t heard of. They took tours from Düden Waterfalls to Old Castle and accommodated in a huge hotel in Antalya Belek.

@dalalid wears a printed shirt she shared from hotel and matched with a rocked necklace that is enough to stamp her a chavette. Her huge soled shoes are so uncouth; it would look bad with every outfit.


Dalaid’s friend @taimalfalasi looks good with camouflaged jacked and printed shirt but stance of her trousers destroyed the aesthetics of the combination.


While taking @taimalfalasi and @dalalid to Antalya, @turkishairlinesarabia flew @mrmr__4 to Uzungol’s perfect view. Wearing one of the sharked coats from Zara, @mrmr__4 looked content about herself.


I have no idea where @khaininakhalil is taken this pic but green coat and stone colored blouse she matched with really fits in the environment, Vietnamese conic straw hat had completed the look. Usually big hoop ear rings are not relevant with closed scarfs but matching with her coat it didn’t bother me at all. I just wish her to choose a flax natural shawl to make the photo perfect.


@golovkova.s.and @perksofbeingsaara had chosen pieces from a Zara suit. @golovkova.s literally destroyed the beautiful jacket matching with grey sweatpants. @perksofbeingsaara made a successful styling using a formal white shirt and correct accessories and driving the outfit away from looking a housedress.

             @golovkova.s     –     @perksofbeingsaara

I can hang around all summer wearing @ascia_akf’s clothes except the net stocking I am a little bit sick of seeing. This summer take revenge of hesitating to wear colorful clothes during winter. You can enrich thin fabrics and light colors with the support of accessories. @ascia_akf wouldn’t look so stylish if it weren’t her black sunglasses.


Prepare to see all hues of green on this page. @rimelaskina shared a #tb picture of her taken in Paris. Even I do enjoy seeing red and green together, I don’t think her rose gold backpack goes with this outfit.


When I see @ebrusevertrk’s photo I thought why not taking the chance to point out the biggest mistake while combining modest night gowns? You should never ever wear shawls that looks like golden but isn’t actually, just because your dress has golden embroideries. Naturally I understand taking advantage of remarkable look when you use perfect harmony of colors but we don’t have to add a color to combination. Length of the skirt my look wrong because of posing or angle of photography.


Leena, my baby is very cool, again. She was under influence of the stream wearing Rock/Metal bands’ t-shirts and chosen a worn out Led Zeppelin. She surpasses Gigi with oversized denim jacket and metal sunglasses. I wondered if she was always this chic and went deep on her Instagram and result is, she wasn’t. She had shared lots of baggy clothes without a style and unfortunately Cagatay Ulusoy. That shows us being stylish is teachable and everyone can dress well with dedication and hard work.


@senaseveer shared a white tunic that we can tell how refreshing it is even on the screen, will be displaceable for holiday luggage. But, tunic is not made for stilettos, so it doesn’t fancy to eyes. I wish she would have leather sandals like Naomi Wats’es, than that would fit the spirit of tunic more.


Kuaybe Gider is the only person that doesn’t bother us with wearing always the same brand just because she owns it. She matched the signature flared skirt of the brand with orange Zara slippers. The only problem with photo is black color of the skirt and blouse seems like different toned.


@atlantafashionicon couldn’t suppress the duchess in her and makes royal combinations. Frills of the plump skirt is so long it made her body look longer but legs shorter. There is always a problem with pencil skirts that modest women may wear, lack of slit makes the shirt look loose. Thus if you want to wear a skirt pencil you should choose lycra so that it looks tight enough.   One of the reasons her outfit looks sloppy is her loose skirt.


@ebru_gider preferred a patterned carrot pants and an oversize jacket from Kuaybe Gider 2017 Spring Summer line. She looks really well with XL sunglasses, formal white shirt and high-colored shoes.


@leenalghouti’s best friend @fa6ma7sam captured Far Eastern mystical style with dragon printed bomber jacket, yellow sunglasses and Gucci slippers. The only troubled part of her combination is her backpack. And I believe that must be definitely from a sponsor.


@ilaveten is again energetic, again cheerful. She chose to match black-white striped tunic with lemon yellow sweater. Of course she looks really nice but I have so high expectations from her, I feel like she is a style remedy for my eyes. That’s why I keep expecting her to initiate a new current on street fashion.


@bbtlb worn a patterned suit this week as well. She did the right think as choosing a purse with the rarest color out of the outfit. I think node stilettos are a little weak for the combination.


And at least this week we have for the “one of us” segment. She fits in the environment with giant plants on background. She poses in a cool stance with military green trench coat and scout shawl.


That’s all for the week, please choose which look you liked most? See you next with, hopefully in a page full of stylish women.

Stay with love and style…


Prepared By: @birsevde

Translate By: Emine Merve Serbetci

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