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This week, as you may guess, we will initially put the London Modest Fashion Week looks under the scope, which was sponsored by Modanisa. In the introductory film of the organization, last year’s shows and parades that held in Haydarpasa Train Station were shown and this year modest bloggers, designers and modest brand representatives gathered in London.

The world-renowned The Ritz hotel which we are familiar with books and movies hosted “High-Tea” party and projection of short movie “just like you” by American Modest Director Samah Safi, subsequently visitors watched fashion parades and talk shows. It is hard to commend on fashion lines since the images haven’t distributed to the press yet but we are sure of collections power of directing modest fashion industry.

We have disappointed by styling of the participators, when it comes to fashion week, we expected to see stronger combines, naturally. We wish eminent names such as @dinatokio, @dalalid, @ascia_akf would have been on the shows.

The rip-roaring part of the organization was modest star Halime Aden’s runway walk and speech on the “Inspiring Modest Women” section.

Sena Sever @senaseveer, definetly was one of the strongest and sophisticated women among participants, despite her young age. Sophisticated ecru suit was combined with nude stilettos instead of dark colored shoes, which was an elegant choice. We are not comfortable with the effort of matching her purse with her scarf and little chains of her handbag. If she would made her bag invisible by using the same color with her suit her combine should’ve been plain, strong and effortless. However, it is quite possible to ignore these details and enjoy her successful combination.


One of the biggest open air festivals of the year, Coachella Music and Art Festival will be hold in April 14-16, 21-23. As well as singers and artist and prominent events, style of the celebrities and socialites will be under the scope.

Last week, H&M shared photo of @rumastyles among festival styles. She had chosen an H&M dress from Coachella collection which might be worst combination ever. We are astonished with the rapport of blue-pink-blue-pink, obviously done with flowers.


@mariaalia has stronger combination which carries festival sprite more than others. If she’d worn maxi lace skirts her combination would be remarkable.


@atlantafashionicon had a sportswear combination this week. She might have looked thinner if she’d worn a boyfriend jean or a shirt to cover her calves. Her ankles look much thicker than it is thanks to her fishnet stockings.


@bbtlb is under the scope with her stylish eyeglasses, which she matched with remarkable brown trench coat last week. Thanks to maxi skirts of the coat, she looks thin. She should’ve chosen a wedge or thick heel shoes to poise the coat up, so that her outfit could be awesome.



@leenalghouti is alive demonstration of how to be cool. She has mastered with shabby but stylish combines, so simple, so elegant, effortless and cool.


@vivyyusof looks as if she has just get off the hotel room and headed to a ladyies swimming pool. Her shawl is big enough to cover her face and her magnificent sunglasses are sufficient enough to maintain camouflage. We think she perfectly fits poolside styling.


@asyalliee had worn a white pair of trousers which should be on only those thin legs. Even the crease tunic is not disturbing, just if she had chosen a flax or wincyette hijab instead of shiny fabric headscarf, her sport look would be stronger.



@_rads killed the shy town girl pose with sports combination. By the way, one-colored embroidered denims are as hit as colorful ones.



We hope @nisacookie collaborated with a firm that designs stocking or tights and we also hope it is worth.



Last Samurai @ascia_akf, looks like she came from the studio of Karate Kid. We have no idea where to go with this kimono but definitely liked it.


Long sleeve under a t-shirt is a good idea and proven by @aghniapunjabidespite despite her combine is lack of creativity and it looks so common. As it comes to hijab styling, the challenge is combining maxi tops, dresses or skirts looking picturesque. Yet, the image looks good thanks to background-outfit harmony.


@elifd0gan made the perfect combination of white summer maxi dress and black leather jacket. Just her bag should be smaller but still, she is so spring, so light, so lean, so delicate.


@fa6ma7sam split her trotters into two we guess. The slashes are already in a ridiculous place and cross slashed makes it worse. Her looks might be saved if she’d wear thinner laced shoes with long heels.



@ebru_gider made a favorite styling this week, choosing the same colors for both outfit and scarf and not pointing out the head look really calm and sophisticated.


@feeeeya, dressed up with the most attention-grabbing blue of the universe this week. These flounced on the waistband dresses should fit on the waist, thus her dress looks like alteration. If the dress and pencil skirt were cross-fitting with a Manolo Blahnik she’d be perfect!


@rafidaaaaaaaah, combined 2017 spring-summer pink with spring-summer red but it look false because of the wrong cut of the trousers, it should have touch the floor or be culottes.


@rimelaskina worn a red sweatshirt with houndstooth patterns. She made the right choise as not using an additional color with black-white-red. Her outfit is remarkable due to her black shoes with red dots.


@withahsen dressed up completely black and colored her looks with dark colored scarf over her neck. One-color dress made her look thinner and leaner.


That’s all for this week, now vote for your favorite, who looks best?


Sevde Akhan 



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