Hellööö again, here I am. I am on my computer with details of modest styles news from Instagram. Ready to read?

Cover of the November Issue Arabic Vogue addition is Rihanna. Vogue Arabia formerly covered by Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Halima Aden inspired by historical Egypt icon Nefertiti in the Rihanna cover. Tattooed left part of her body a Nefertiti silhouette, Rihanna, worn a cap replica of famous queen’s well know Ancient effigy.

Halima Aden posed for Harper’s Bazaar for a project and became “Girl with Pearl” with a creative and brilliant idea. They didn’t think “well, we have a girl with hijab. l have an interesting idea Let’s do Girl with Pear!” Congratulation people you come up with a completely new idea. No one has ever thought that. What a creative team!

Even though it has been done thousand times I calmed myself when I see the professional production and technical success of the pictures on a black model. But I am really done with modest styling Girl with Pearl theme.

Saufeeya Goodson preferred a chiffon Julea Domani dress for the first year celebration of Vogue Arabia. I don’t know if she has a stylist but it was a good idea to play with skirt for the pose.

This winters’ maxi trend is vintage plaid pieces might be my favorite items of the season. Sena Sever matched the trend pattern with suiting earth colors. I mention how démodé look you get if you match bag-shoes-shawl color.  On the contrary of Sena Sever, the person on the left made this fault and became a living evidence of the theory.

Firrr’d worn plaid trousers from Zara this week. White gives lightening effect to the plad. The perfect harmony color of the plaid, orange\red has been done by sunglasses. She would have richer styling if she’d used warm colors on the glass frames.

Dracula’s Kuwait representative, Mariam Mohammad, posed her collars up at indoors. If it was a thick fabric, they were to give the impression of shooting in freezing air or else I could appreciate it but when this is the case she only looks like a detective wannabe.

Elif Dogan matched Suud Collection plaid trench coat with its stable mate; denim pants and leather boots. She could have a better look styling-wise if she would have worn another cross handle bag instead of these boring usual Pinterest bags.

Ascia flew to South Korea for her collaboration with Stylenanda. At the photo, we see her matching a small statement shirt with a large printed jacket. I am deeply in love with this thing.

Gonul Kolat Susam preferred a dress from her own collection this week. The pattern is beautiful but I can’t say the same thing for the dress. It rather looks like a costume with palettes on the collar and millions of red bindings as preventing the fabric to have a character.

Busra Yarar doesn’t miss the chance to photograph when she finds a good spot for her styling, she doesn’t come up empty handed wherever she goes. The background and colors she is wearing are awesome.

This username should be dispossessed from Atlantafashionicon after this styling. Immediately. Skinny jeans, edgy shoes, stretch top and hijab. This is the foursome of death. If you know anyone using this styling, please send this paragraph. Because, it doesn’t fit, no matter what…  Moreover a red belt used just because the sweater has red stripes, nails polished red and the red bag hanged on the elbows. Please add sedatives in my tea. I am about to break.

My pulse turned to normal thanks to Rimelaskina. She’s worn a bomber jacket with remarkable colors and patterns from Hasema Sportswear Winter Collection and sports pants from the same brand. In the last training I have been told “sometimes doing what you love means knowing the time you shouldn’t do anything”. Matching such a tousled styling with a black shawl and white background gives this clear and neat photo.

Sahar Foad doesn’t know her body. The tight top that looks like covered underwear with lace and enormous pleated skirt are not right for her body.

All I can say for Soha is bustier is not a piece for us modest dressers. The thought of solving the problem by wearing a long sleeve blouse is blame of wedding designers who covers strapless dresses with a piece of cloth. A whole generation went down the drain just because of you.

Normally my pulse hits high when I see an asymmetric tunic in modest styling but of course this is in use for short front long back models. Ebru Gider gives a careless street style pose with left long tunic, boyfriend jeans and colorful socks.

It is a mystery whether she was influenced by Kardashian but Habiba da Silva made this styling. When I see her collars, all I could think: “Rabbi, please save us from this embroidery calamity”.

I think Leena Al Ghouti collaborated with Mango. She worn Mango in four pictures including this one and posted them with #mangogirls hashtag. I really adored her with thesecolors, using this patters and carrying a gloomy styling to a bright one with white slippers.

Sena Pektemek had chosen a Asli Kongel haute couture dress for a wedding she attended with her husband, footballer Mustafa Pektemek. She left an edge of her shawl longer at the back as her signature look. I love using the same color for the shawl and dress in night gowns as the look continues delicately. The only thing I don’t like on her is her purse with color, form and logo. Normally I don’t have antipathy for logos. I might wear a giant Gucci t-shirt carelessly but I don’t like the logo of YSL. Wonder why…

I couldn’t finish the article this week, good job while reading. I wonder your favorite styling. Keep in mind to commend.

See you next week…


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