Heloooo me, again on a Tuesday morning… because of writing this article at 4 am, I may night piece my sentences together, if you realize disconnection between words, know that I felt asleep while writing. Let’s put my sleeping disorder aside and take a look at weekly Instagram styles.

London Modest Fashion Week has held in London Grosvnor House Hotel. Fashion houses that Halima Aden walked on catwalk of have gained attention more than collection.  I don’t know what would you think but I believe Halima accepts these offers just to make contribution to modest fashion sector. Otherwise the ambiguous red dress with white body is impossible to wear after Max Mara.

Halima had photographs taken for Vogue Brazil edition this month as well. She told her story for 35000th time, just like I did in earlier articles. Vogue Brazil underlined her participation in fashion shows like Yezzy, Max Mara, Alberta Ferreti and projects like Nike, American Eagle, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna.


Sena Sever was cover star of Modanisa Magazine, which comes free with Aysha or Modanisa shoppings. Correct me if I am wrong but it is the first time a Turkish influencer becomes cover girl of a press. I wonder if it will go on…


Producer Samah Safi left home without checking the mirror I guess. She looks like wearing a suit underwear. She must have come up with this solution as the dress flashes her underwear everywhere.


Rimelaskina posted a picture of herself wearing a trench coat from Vesna Design. The moment picture showed up I got tons of “could you write on this outfit” messages. So, I am… Her beginning point is something like the picture on the right. She probably wanted to make something different because of weariness of making styling all the time. She couldn’t succeed as she can show her skin so less. I want to indicate at this juncture, if you tie your belt so high your waist and belly look thicker. Rimelaskina tolerated as she is so thin but 5 kilograms more couldn’t.


If you will feel uncomfortable by the gaze of black wearing army soldiers in a public bus as if you are an alien, don’t wear so flashy clothes. Obviously last seasons’ dominant trend pin-red double is still effective. As she is attending an event, this styling is perfectly normal. She could have continued her looks with pin stilettos instead of black lace ups.



Atlantafashionicon found a skirt for her favorite “ladylike” looks. Her legs look shorter because of her skirts model, frills and length. Lavender is already feminine color, so matching it with a knitwear like the left would be better instead of floral blouse.


This winter red boots are in great demand just like white ones. Especially pointy-toed kitten heels. Time to time I post on Instagram stories, best way to revive plaid is matching it with red. However I began to take dislike colorful glasses, I wish this styling was with different ones.


Saufeya preferred a dress with trendy pattern, sots. Her shoes look morbid, I don’t know if it because of the angle. She might have wearing socks in, but looks like she found herself with a slippers in a neighbor house.


Yağmur Al Shareef is wearing a coat from Mango 2017 which we resemble upon in street stylings very often. She made a delicate choice while matching it with ecru sweater and jeans. However, using a tighter jean and a bit of heels to give height a boost would be fine.


Leena is in a beautiful green coat this week. She matched green with green without seeking too much. Little hint of red in her slippers gives enough color to her combination. If she would have balanced the colors, she’d look like Christmas concept.


Months past. Advertisement agreements over. Fatma Husam still wears Modanisa jacket and tags the brand every time. Bravo! If this is not advertisement for Zero, I need to ask why? Why with a t-shirt printed cola and drinking pose? Why?

And this was the last combination. We are done finally and sun lights shining on my window. I will pack up to work, if you see me on a bus in Istanbul sleeping, please don’t wake me up.

I wonder your favorite name this week. Remember to tag.

See you next week.




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