Here I am. I’ve put aside all the workload and tiredness to write about the outstanding events of the week. ıf you’ve missed me, let’s begin.

Last week with sponsorship of Modanisa, Dubai Fashion Week was held in Dubai Burj Park. ıt was way more successful organization than London Fashion Week with higher participation and decent collections.

Still there weren’t any decent runway images from the highly invested organization. I’ve been searching high resolution pictures with a decent angle on Instagram since this morning but couldn’t find anything.I don’t know if they didn’t have a constant runway photographer or these are the ones to serve Instagram, they could have present photos more systematically. I wish they’d adopt the online system of Vogue Runway so that both designers and collections could be followed easily.

Halima couldn’t come to Turkey because of visa crises between USA has walked on runway for Rasit Bagzibagli collection. Only 15 piece of the 35 pieced collection was displayed and they were to plan in March. We see the dresses from bottom with a ridiculous angle. Did you placed the guest right front?

Sharing tons of selfies with Halima, Tülin Sahin was in Dubai as well. She carried a white gown from Selma Sari collection that was postponed because of rain. At the end of the show, I was literally shocked when designer went up to runway with glasses at the top her head, one collar up, with those socks and boots.

The organization had lots of influencers like Saufeeya and Dina Tokio but somehow they didn’t posted the event in their profile. May be, they didn’t like their pictures? I was wounded deep when Sena Sever, Zeruj and Ebru Sever Turk were posed with Modanisa boxes.


Let’s talk about who worn what part. Neelofa attended wedding party of her friend. The way I see it, the bride didn’t risk it and guarantied being the most beautiful girl in the wedding with brides mates dress.


Rimelaskina kent to Russia with Touche the other day. So, she’s seen the first snow of this winter before us. She posed without a coat to show off with her sweater in a Russian winter. Then, my throat sores. Of course it will. (I’ve lost the track of the subject.)

Maria Alia used the trendiest color of 2017, red in all the pieces of her combinations. Her latex-like down jacket fells of her shoulders and thus it looks longer. Black might be seen as modest color choice but a black shawl would made this outfit remarkable. Instead, her nude shawl made it tranquil.

Ascia, attended Harper’s Bazaar’s Arab Edition party with Bloomingdale’s named “Best Dressed” with Elie Saab overall and Edie Parker purse. It was wise to use a belt but she should’ve stand up to show pleats of the trousers.

Sule preferred a plaid dress from Suud Collection for a TV program and matched it with a desert tone scarf from Fresh Scarfs. She made a country styling with boots and coat. This has been one of the my favorite photos of her lately.

You know there is a trend every season you think I wish it wouldn’t see the sunlight, that is fur sleeves for me. Last winter we’ve seen fur sleeves in Prada but didn’t reflect to the street styles until this winter. Unfortunately Justfetame didn’t cope with just one trend and wore the trouser that makes her legs 5 cm shorter. It is like, Sesame Street top, Pirates of Caribbean bottom.

Merve Yilmaz, went to lovely city of Italy, Bologna alias Red Town. I loved her styling with roll-neck sweater and hat.

I don’t know what is this fake fur doing with formal feminine style of Betul Gedik. It’s like a child has forgotten her toy on her neck.


Finally. We have seen Leena without a culotte trousers and sweatshirts. She preferred a fringed  pelisse from the legendary Dior 2018 Cruise collection which was debuted in Upper Virgenes desert canyon. She worn white in it as it was at the fashion show and pointed out the pelisse. The string around her neck reminded a cowboy hat. Even if it is not, it looks cool.


Elif Doğan and Ebru Gider worn the same skirt form Mevra with different styling. Ebru Gider has a blue styling with her sneakers as Elif Dogan has a more tranquil look with desert colors. What you think?

This picture of Dian Pelangi hit 33 thousand likes. I think Dian Pelangi is one of the instagram fenomens’ of there. I can’t make any other explanations for this interaction.

Sena Sever is different than ever this week. She matched black dress from Suud Collection with black shawl and hat. As we have been following influencers and bloggers for a long time, I want to see stylings with effort, themes and even backgrounds. I feel happy when I see.

Ilaveten throw a curve with matching floral H&M dress with Kayra parka. She keeps making layered stylings and thus signed catchy looks.


If you have suggestions or matters for me to write, please color my inbox. By the way, remember to commend your favorite style.




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