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Here we are with a fresh from the oven Instagram examination of modest fashionistas. If you have broken the fast and poured a cup of tea we can start.

Halima Aden is at the cover of the Vogue Arabia and said seeing herself at the cover is an unutterable feeling. For the moment her career seems to hit somewhere, somewhere good. And thus I think it might be good time to deal with a stylist for events and street look of hers. Her image in media can turn into a real hit if she could work with a stylist like Kendall and Gigi; for example Monica Rose.


Last week was tough with Saufeeya Goodson. Her 300k follower Instagram account has been captured by a hacker. @feeeya signed up for a new one and announced the unfortunate event. Even though her fenomen friend’s support and effort her new account only hit to 10k. Fortunately she managed to get her page back.  When I get my foot in the door, I call out to hacker brothers and sisters; please don’t hack me.

@feeeeya shared a photo in desert concept on both her new and old accounts. Her light chiffon shawl and sweatshirt is suitable for the environment, but her trousers look out of shape. Even, she can wear it as a pajama at home. Instead, she should have worn a lighter chiffon pants and wear her shawl decent the photo would be closer to the cause.


One of the cutes modest photographers of the Instagram, Firaa Assagaf , shared a photo booth with four emoljis. Couldn’t resist sharing with you.


Nowadays, Dalalid is sharing traditional combines and exclusive Ramadan series. Her perfect emerald Manolo Blahniks complete her skirt delicately. Her huge bead necklace, eyeglasses to reminiscence Professor Trelawney and over-casual bag for this outfit caused an unsuccessful styling.


Mariam Mohammad also shared exclusive Ramadan outfits. She might have prepared for hours but unfortunately the only one thing gains attention in this photo, her red lipstick. I can’t even look at other details, my eyes got stuck. Her outfit looks pretentious because she used same color in two different areas. She tighten her belt so much, it defects her proportion as her waist looks way too thin.


@justfatema was really glorious this week, as an Indian bride glory. As if her wearing all gold jewelry on earth is not enough, she managed to choose ugliest Louboutins of universe.


Sena Sever, shared photos from her Cappadocia tri this week. Her approach was right about matching rare color of her quilted pants with blue shawl I think. White shirt definitely lightened the outfit. But I thought we left these uneven shirts in 2010. And I literally pray for not seeing them again.


@ascia_akf, preferred pieces form Modest by Ascia X Riva collection. Her pleated skirt, military leather vest looks like out of period dramas and using tones of grey… Every detail of her outfit is geninuenly beautiful. @ascia really pulls light colors off. Brogues look a little bit coarse but despite she looks more than fine.


@senanurbostan also preferred grey this week. Is it me or with Ramadan silver and gold details have increased? She matched embroider black jacket with silver sparkling shawl and silver cross purse. Shawl and purse are creating perfect harmony as their tones aren’t exact same.I couldn’t affort to overlook her golden bracelet among all the sparkling. As I always claim, silver accessories with silver details and gold with golden sparkles look better. Of course for some situations both gold and silver details garnish the dress and then you can use them both.


Do you see what I see. I can’t even imagine how many souls will be damaged because of PVC Kardashian shoes. After a couple decades you might have to explain your kids those shoes. This is how people are victimized by fashion. Don’t choose anything you may regret to.


Dinatokio looks perfect with gingham shirt and washed jeans. White Adidas Originals is enriches the outfit with golden detail which is hard to combine as it has a little piece of black thanks to logo.


Because of “Turkish Hijab Style” videos in Youtube I see this kind of scarf especially in Indonesia and Malaysia. They may see this style in mutual omra visits and do it at their country, I am not sure. But it is time for someone to explain “We don’t wear hijab this way anymore”.


@rimelaskina made a summer styling with red strapped t-shirt and red denim jackets. But metallic nude clogs are not fitting with her bag. A pair of classical sneakers might look better. Even though styling is best of the week she shared it is pale because of background. I imagined her in front of green walls like Rafidah posed and that would be a blast.


Remember how I complain about compulsory styling @saimasmileslike is a walking verson of the phrase. An outfit can not be good if it looks so obviously tried. Unfortunately no matter how hard you try this dress is not OK with modest dressing.


Oh, I recovered myself when I see @ilaveten. Everyone was expecting me to write commend on her sailor themed dress on Aysa Iftar dinner but I don’t have the heart to overlook this beautiful outfit and decided to write. Except green sunglasses she uses with every combine, she is perfect. Literally. Stencils of the skirt are glorious. What can I say, @ilaveten knows how to grid up.


@fa6ma7sam tried white suit recently her close friend Leena worn. The suit stands with two different interpretations and I liked Leena version better. She looks way cooler as she loosens her belt and flat shoes. But of course for a special occasion or an event @fa6ma7sam version could be preferable.


Kuaybe Gider is still wearing from Spring Summer collection of hers. This outfit is a good example of making a tulle skirt casual and suitable for street look. Actually this is one of the reasons behind success other collection. While designing and producing she gives tips about how to combine them with sophisticated styling.


At the end of the former article I wrote about @elifkcksri who matched tropical purse with the right tones. Her black suit from the newly launched brand, Ayşegül Durgun, and thanks to it these color gained different and settled meanings.


I think this is the “need a hand for the fight” pose. Sometimes how we wear is more important than what we wear. With a suit like this, and curling up shirt sleeves, you can’t expect anything else. And besides, we are really fed up with seeing padded Chanel bags, original or fake, that people buy just to have a Chanel bag. I can’t overlook this, Chanel purse and brooch, even they regret to make them.



This week @leenalghouti preferred a suit form DKNY Ramadan capsule collection. While everyone else is making ordinary styling Leena exhibited her difference and made this styling with waist bag from the same collection. Her signature glasses are aside, they are legendary. These kinds of little glasses remind me of Leon and thus they make the styling cooler I think.


Last week I mentioned about posing while squad. Sitting on the floor is way better like @asma_you. I don2t know what you think but ;I am really accustom to her rebellion street style with barred and shawls.


Betul Gedik worn black summer dress from Latifa, the brand I mentioned on Instagram last week. She used a lace stiletto, obviously because of bindings of the dress but they have different styles so it doesn’t look good. Crocheted details of the binding give the dress a festive look. I made a styling with this dress on the article “how to match straw bags”. Chemical of the dress goes better with straw bags or wooden detailed sandals and degrade glassed sunglasses.


And last participant of the week is half German half Turkish @busraqadir. With her Pakistani husband, she is excellent with bringing different cultures to street style. She took a completing shawl with burled vintage shirt. Her purse supports vintage style when sneakers modernize her outfit.


That’s it for the week. Choose your favorite and vote in the pool. You may write about who you want to see in the next weeks article on the commends. Hope to see you next week.


Prepared By: @birsevde
Translated by: Emine Merve Serbetci

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