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Eid Mubarak everyone. Since we have passed through Eid, served tons of coffee and tea and visited hundreds of relatives now we can put modest fashionistas of Instagram under the scope of style.

19 years old Somalian model Halima Aden keeps up-trending. You would remember how her life changed with Mss. Minnesota despite beginning in a refugee camp in Kenya and she walked on runways of the prominent Western brands like Yeezy, Max Mara and Alberta Ferretti. She is quite lucky to begin her career in a pro-Islamist era with Trump’s presidency and appeared in CR Fashion Book and Vogue Arabia cover and beauty section of Harper’s Bazaar US. This month, an article was written about Halima Aden in Vogue United States edition.

Halima Aden, @kinglimaa, Vogue US

Once more, this mouth she was the cover girl of Allure and alongside of the article about her career, photos from Nike Pro-Hijab fashion shoot garnished the magazine papers.

Don’t you love summer weddings too? We had a chance to take a glance of journalist Noor Tagouri’s wedding gown in last article. This week I found every detail of the wedding for you. My favorite detail from the elegant beach wedding of Noor’s was rings buried in sand inside of a wooden box.

Noor Tagouri, @ntagouri

Shoots from wedding reminded me Turkish actor Murat Yildirim and how he was carried in a trey according to Moroccan traditions (with justified reproof Murat Yildirim said it wasn’t a “tray” but a tefour).

Leena Al Ghouti is re writing the cool style of modest dressing. She is indeed inspirational with 2017 spring summer it bag Chloé Nile purse and sunglasses that reminds me grannies reading glasses from Tweety and Slyvester.


Welll… I couldn’t manage to make meaning out of Gonul Kolat’s Eid picture. I literally took my time in front of the screen and then looked again but no, I couldn’t make a sense out of it. Was it really necessary? Can’t resist asking…


Dalal Al-Doub purchased a light summer pelisse for Ramadan photographs and matched it without taking a risk. She seems content with herself as she launched an eyebrow set with Benefit named ‘Dalalid’s Brow Magic’ and spent entire Ramadan collaborating with various brands. When I look how hardworking she is, can’t stop thinking she deserves her success as she will be working with The Body Shop in the near future.


Kuaybe Gider preferred a deep V neck jumper which is very fashionable in modest style these days. She done ton-sur-tone and matched her damper dress with pink. She got an opulent looks with adding an extra color phase with light summer socks


Let’s move on to another pinkish outfit. Sena Sever worn a pink dress that redolent of a vintage dress from Ulyana Serkeenko 2013-2014 collection. Even though my hopeless admiration for vintage pieces I don’t fancy these costume-like dresses. She tried to modernize the dress with current shoes the sleeves look like just got off a time machine from 1830’s, so her efforts are unfortunately useless.


This season white framed glasses are as hit as colorful ones. Maria Alia is a strict follower of these sunglasses. In last article you remember how I mentioned her style is getting more and more elegant every day. She is attacking attention with her attitude as well, not just with her style.


@justfatima was walking around like a gold magnet last week and looks like she couldn’t get enough of it this week. Actually I enjoyed her red dress or jumper suit but I am tired of seeing golden accessories wherever I look. Especially those golden bracelets look exaggerated with collars.


Fatma Husam also posted an Eid outfit. Nude stiletto under golden appliqued maxi black dress looks irrelevant. As you see black would be a better choice as Selena Gomez did on red carpet with crossed strapped sandals.


Betul Gedik matched breathtakingly beautiful colored Zara kitten heels with military looking trench coat and sprinkled a little feminism to her style to balance it. I just wish she would have posed in front of a striking place instead of grape leafs.


I mentioned my admiration of these shoes on Friday shopping suggestions on Instagram. Unlike to Betul Gedik, @sallyashour matched shoes so badly… you couldn’t pull of anything with that spaghetti strap tulle blouse, she ruined my darlings…


@rimelaskına worn a kimono with her beloved tropical patterns. She handed a tiny pink purse for the sake of pinkish parts in her dress. I think wearing a black shawl and not adding extra color to outfit is the right call. She prevented a complex and confusing styling.


@sohamt is online with her ‘me when I gain weight’ outfit. Her attempts to adopt mini skirt into modest style hasn’t been consumed in months and now she looks like couldn’t manage to button up except two.


We see Tuba Karaca in an elegant petrol blue dress in an event. The dress drew my attention at once, as it is hard to find this cut. However I couldn’t fancy the styling because petrol blue gets darker with black. You can use ton-sur-tone in casual outfits or match it with a flashy contrast color. But, I think the plane ad sophisticated dress would be perfect with powdered pink stiletto with a slight sparkle.


@ilaveten opened holiday season just as Ramadan finishes (we hope same for us). She travelled to a shore town in Montenegro and went full holiday mood with monster patterned dress and nylon beach bag as our mother used in bazaars. Or, if we ignore her beach bag and slippers we can claim she made a unique styling, however we have be blinded for one at least.


And, lastly we have @nkaydu this week. In addition to her genuine style, she posts pictures from Italy she lives in. She has one of the accounts that able me to breath.


Let’s see which one is your favorite this week? Feel free to commend and vote for your favorite styling.

Hope to see you next week with more summer themed photographs.

Prepared by: @birsevde

Translated by: Emine Merve Serbetci

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