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Here I come! This time I brought green tea leaves instead of tea and chocolate. As I postpone everything till the last minute, I could finally start weight managing thing, at July! After congregating people who can start losing weight and getting firm in winter (as it supposed to be) I will begin to dig into modest ladies’ pages on Instagram.

At the Torino Fashion Week 31 modest fashion houses cut the figure last week. As this progress is a breakthrough event in Italian fashion weeks Italian Vogue wrote about it. Unfortunately I wasn’t thrilled with any of the designs in the fashion week as almost T am in every modest collection. I just hope to have an extraordinary creative director and a fashion house to employee one one day. I am really looking forward to see a big worldwide modest fashion house.

Torino Fahsion Week

We are seeing Halima Aden with a new project in almost every article. This week she made photo shoots with a global brand, American Eagle themed street style. Meanwhile, as I am preparing this article, I think this year is definitely offbeat events are happening in fashion world. last year we wouldn’t even imagine these, let’s see what years will bring to the sector.


Amena posted this picture to share her thrill and excitement about L’oréal Paris project. This reminded me how global brands ignoring Middle Eastern bloggers and there are few collaborations in that manner.


@hijabhills, signed a co-worked with Dolce&Gabbana lately. Leopard abaya fricked me out but it seems to be her favorite piece. Unfortunately.


Esra Sezis Kigili, heir of big fashion brand, stands on her own feet and makes a mark in the sector. Lately, she designed a capsule collection with Swarovsky called “Esra Seziş Kiğili”. Ten pieced collection was debuted in Four Seasons a couple of days earlier. The collection is consisted of Shawls, bracelets, brooch and bag which is available on esraseziskigili.com. I hope we see more projects like this soon.


Meanwhile, there is another project to be happy about. Kayra initiated a project to support every skilled person in sketching, sewing, blogging, styling and photography or any other fields of industry but never had a chance to actualize it. The first step of the project carried out by Betul and Zeynep Serdengecti sisters. I know there so many talented, inventive and genuine person who can bring a different eye to the sector. You can apply to the project with a portfolio on. I am looking forward to see the projects.


As we are done with “who worked with whom in where” part, we can begin with the real fun.

Dinatokio was unfortunately victimized by “I got caught unprepared” concept by ribbon Puma. Even though color she picked was beautiful they couldn’t spare her look like a giant gift box with pink ribbons.


I mentioned in striped trend article how I like camel and red together . Ebru Gider preferred a white suit that feels like a clean slight. She balanced the dominance of red with camel shawl and managed not to look like a flag with red and white.


@firrrr_, shared holiday photos from an Indonesian beach to makes us all to fetch a sigh. Except the suede hat she is wearing when it is 45 degrees, everything looks breathtaking.


@justfatema, couldn’t confine herself with one Dolce&Gabbana and matched her blouse with exactly same pattern shoes. I didn’t fancy the pattern so I think the outfit is not going to win any contest. If her blouse would be plain black outcome would be better with these shoes and purse.


If you would ask what color goes best with purple, I would have to say purple. Doing ton sur ton with purple supports the beauty of the color. Sena Sever’s outfit looks perfect with lavender jump suit and eggplant purple shawl. She made the outfit look affluent with graphic kerchief she worn.


We couldn’t get rid of the mirror glasses. Despite the fact that seasons fancy sunglasses are transparent colorful ones, we are hunted by the ones that we can see ourselves through the mirror. Dalalid used these sunglasses for sports styling with bomber jacket and pleated skirts. Converses at the bottom look rather weak for the clothes. She should’ve used more obvious sneakers like Adidas Originals.


I have one and only question for @irrst who collaborated with a stocking brand: why instead of using them with pair of shoes she gives “after ablution on mosque stairs” pose?


I think I see Dolce&Gabbana wherever I look. @feeeeya posed in Mediterranean breeze Dolce&Gabbana skirt and white blouse. I don’t like putting blouse in the skirt for daytime, to me it is way too much feminine. I am not satisfied with the outfit for shoes and blouse combination either. I want to write a detailed article for skirts as well and planning to give examples for properly using them for day and night.


 Merve Dagli lost weight so delicately I can’t believe it and can’t stop looking. She wears a white shirt dress from her own collection and leafed pattern shawl for the photo. You can feel the overcool even by looking photo. I just wished not jogging sneakers but a modern formed shoes or a one for street style for the outfit.


While I cry for battle against pleated skirts and their natural femininity @mrmr_4 looks like a candy girl with pink Gucci skirt. She desperately preferred one of the shallowly representing womanhood with pink lips stilettos under them. She sure wanted to make a styling worthily maximal attitude of Gucci but couldn’t get closer to for not using enough layers and colors. If she would drop the effort and match this over dosed feminine skirt with loose top and modern stilettos, it would be easier to apply on.


Wife of footballer Mustafa Pektemek, Sena Pektemek, is attracting attention with her grace on Instagram lately. She attended Besiktas championship ball with embodied black dress and left her shawl long as she always does in night events. She made her purse disappeared with correct approach and chosen the same color. Even though I think you should adjust heels according to your date’s height, I really liked Sena Pektemek’s delicate evening look.


If I hear a declaration from Zara “If everyone has bought the pj suits we are taking them off” I wouldn’t be surprised. Birds are fashionable this season and I made peace with it but I am tired of these trousers and jackets. If we have to talk about thick lathcet shoes, there is one thing to say; they don’t fit. It either should be thin or none. The outfit looks compulsive because she’d chosen shawl, bag and shoes from the same hues. I imagined red stiletto, ecru blouse pink purse and neat shawl for decent styling.


I am worn out of words for Kuaybe Gider. When you look at, you know she looks really good but one wonders what kind of bag will she use to match. She went candy girl to cool lady with white sneakers successfully. She genuinely looks good.


Leena, wears a bomber jacket with Far Eastern red and matched it with a pair of eastern trousers. Many people fancied of black toecap Chanel heels but they remind me hoofs so I can’t like them at all. Thus, I like her looks if I deliberately ignore the shoes.


Betul Gedik finally got one of the hit pieces of the season; kitten heel Dior. She used them with a lovely green peated skirt. (I am aware of critiquing accessories generally but the lead actor is Dior shoes if you don’t mind). It s not a breakthrough styling though, green-black-white triplets were boring even in 2015. A remarkable styling would be with differen color preferaces with shoes and shawl.


@fa6ma7sam is cool this week with capitone leather coat and thin sunglasses. The styling may not be this cool if she would be standing but far relative of Batmobile and @fa6ma7sam’s attitude gives it right aura.


Summer has been generous to @rimelaskina. She posts various backgrounds and fitting outfits these days. Multi-colored outfits are so compatible with each other; they become united with styling and turned out almost artistic photographs. Hot red shoes obtain the color her kimono needs where her camel shawl supported the color scale.


Busra Yarar has a monochrome and minimal silhouette in which she brings her accessories front. The beautiful designer supported her orange slippers with a piece of orange on her geometric scarf. Yet, she can’t make peace with me so easily because she posts so rare I have got wrinkles while waiting.


You know the bride’s sister holds a pouch to put gold and money in it? That’s what her cuffs reminded me. I took my time to think about the picture, why would someone wears something like this if she is not about to cover her palms with it? Why @saharfoad, why?


I wrote about @ilaveten’s leafy dress in Montenegro. Days after her @yagmuralsharef posted a picture in same dress. And, she was wearing the same shoes as well. If it were for me, I would hesitate to share a picture with almost the same styling but apparently   @yagmuralsharef doesn’t care about it.


And finally for the last chapter we have @bleumerr who made an admirable styling this week. Straw hat literally speaks with pineapple in net bag and safari styling looks cool with confortable shirt dress. Nothing to say about her styling, it is just perfect.


As we analyzed whole week together we can get to the pool part. Who did you fancy most? Don’t hesitate to write on commends and remember to vote.

Hope to see you next week.

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