Here I come… Weather is so hot, I can’t even touch the glass of tea or coffee and consuming highly amount of homemade lemonade. Or, let’s be fair, I really feel too lazy to squish lemons, so water it is….

And let’s begin with classical Monday issues. If you are ready –and may be with a glass of cold lemonade- I am ready put weekly modest girls of Instagram under the scope.

Yuna got really carried away with being cover girl of Vogue Arabia edition. She will probably share pictures from photo-shoot next week and we investigate them strictly. I actually wonder who will be on the cover of September Vogue issue.


This week Halima shared photos from American Eagle commercial that are on the big bright billboards of Times Square. She also promoted for American Eagle’s newly launched denim hijab.


Adiela posted a pic from her wedding. Here information from inside ladies, in Indonesia and Malaysia brides traditionally don’t wear white dress. They set a color for the wedding and both bride and groom have to wear accordingly. Obviously Adiela preferred blue for the wedding. Grooms wear a traditional custom made shirt called “baju melayu” and trousers called “seluar”. I couldn’t figure out the traditional headgear yet but if I find out till the next article, I will pass the knowledge on.


If the bride is contradictive type to tradition, she prefers to wear white. This week’s bride, Erni made groom wear white as if she is trying to make peace with everyone. The henna night is big part of the wedding according to tradition.


Rads commended “when I told my friends in December 2014 that my wedding would be in 2017, they all said “2017?! We’ll all have our weddings together!”…I’m still the only one who got married, and they’re still where there were in 2014” on her pic with her bridesmaids. She looks like saying “ha ha I got married and you are still single” to the one kneeling on the floor. Not classy Rads, not classy.


Yes… Here, this is the picture that hit 70 thousand likes. 70 thousands?! @dianpelangi matched a plane red skirt with a plane camel blouse for her pose from Milan. Skirt looks like she is second appointment with fitter and hasn’t done yet. Her straw hat and roses from “Beauty and Beast” need a bit more effort on styling.


Ebru Gider is wearing a piece from Kuaybe Gider collection this week. If she would choose a light color like her blouse instead of sax blue for her shawl she would have prevented the blue-pink-blue-pink look. A green shawl or colorful purse would be great combine in reference to color blocks.


@fa6ma7sam looks good in black oversize denim jacket for Modanisa collaboration. She cross wore the famous belt backs of 90’s which we see in street styles very often. How a better styling would be? Like Kendall does, black jeans and black printed shirts instead of white pants.


@sohamt has stricken with always wearing to point out her waistline. She looks way too assertive with that western belt on oversize jacket and high heels under tight pants. Lose the belt, doesn’t she look better?


I really couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw @saharfoad. She couldn’t have been compiled all these; a childish Disney princess costume that doesn’t fit her body type and white shirt under it. Literally. She couldn’t have…


@justfatema is in white skirt denim jacket this week.  This outfit is like men’s camel trousers denim shirt uniform. They think it is good anyways so it became a cliché. If she would have worn a street style denim jacket instead of putting shirt inside the skirt, styling would be way cooler and swanky. Moreover the skirt is lower than it should be so her body looks longer than her legs. Wrong proportion, unfortunately.


@feeeeya is ready to conquer streets with working girl style. With chequered wide cut masculine jacket and charismatic sunglasses she walks with confident. On her feet, we see Oxfords that inspired by essential Saddles’ of 1900’s. I intend to keep distance with these shoes despite they go with masculine style because they look a little bit as costume.


Golovkova is a reasonable girl. As the weather boiling our brains out, she has reasonably worn a light abaya with ceramic patterns on arms. However the reason stops on her feet with velvet boats. I literally lowered the heat of AC while looking the picture.


Busra Yarar, confused a banana leaf with bringing it to the middle Anatolia which apparently hoped to born and die in Mediterranean region. To crown it all, she labored it in hard conditions. I put her minimal styling aside, worried about the life of the leaf. How many pictures will it last?


I couldn’t make sense out of @atlantafashionicon’s outfit. From my perspective a person only wears this if her life depends on it. As if there is gun pointed at her. I can’t think of any other reasons. I invite good people of Atlanta to the city squares to claim the name of the city back.


The @bleumerr I wrote about first ever last week keeps attacking attention with photographs. Windowed linen suit looks good with natural tones and natural textured shawl, I liked her style. She is worth being under the scope.


I feel if these sunglasses like @dwihandaanda wears has a metal item to unite two sides, they make you look like has monobrow. Thus, loathe them. Only if the little bridge between two glasses is transparent they look good.


I feel like this picture of @asliafsaroglu is unlike others. The cool tone sur tone was promoted with sunglasses. The effortless look is rooted in not using any colors except blue and white.


@summeralbarcha is taking advantage of conformity of straw bags with strapped pieces. I wish she would have preferred wade cut mom jeans as red pants stole the role and strain eyes.


@leenalghouti with super hero jersey cloak looks just as we are accustomed to. As much as we are familiar with her looks we are not excited though. Not a bit.


@withloveleena’s deconstructive shirt makes her look like she has just upswinged. The reason for that looks is basically because other pieces she used has nothing to do with the chaos theme. The whole profile of hers is consisted on pinks, blues and beiges I feel chocking even looking at it.


The magic stick effect on @mariaalia lasts. Wearing a neat plane white abaya with the chief item of street style, denim pants and modern slippers she made a nice styling again.


Here is a stylish lady, @sallyashour; with layered, mainly denim combine and hot red Mary Jane shoes. Also, I have to add; she used the right filet to empower the effect of the picture. I am not sure if the same outfit would look so good is she were standing.


My long pursuit of a trench coat like @minarenk wears in this picture started around last spring. I couldn’t find one yet but I hope to come up with an oversize one like this in fall. She looks good in that trench coat that I am not jealous at all, clean black purse and colorful sunglasses. I think I will wear them with my white Adidas or future to be my Vans Old School.


This is it for the week. Last week Sena Pektemek was poled with record votes, I really wonder who will be the chosen fashionista of the week. See ou next week and remember to write about who you wish the put under the scope.


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