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And, I am back!

I couldn’t write for a while because of unavoidable circumstances. My Instagram account, @birsevde was stolen and all the names I had been following were unfollowed so I had to remember hundreds of accounts that I used to analyze and follow them again. My motivation was raised thanks to all “where is the new article” messages from you and here we are, I am with you to dig into modest Instagram styles of the week.

19 year old Halima Aden had photo shoots for Glamour interview and mentioned about walking on Yeezy runway before singing contract with world’s biggest model agency IMG and magazine shoots comes after. She tells about the pressure she has been feeling on her shoulders for representing Muslim women to the world and her fear about building a negative image.



Modest musician Yuna shared photos from her traditional Malaysian engagement party last week. The only traditional thing leaped to my eyes at the photos is her fiancée but her hair-like hijab might have distracted me.


Since the September is around the corner I can leave summer trends behind and begin to tell layered silhouettes of winter and easy-to-apply trends.

Dalalid adopted two winter trends; loose fit jackets and all red pieces in one time with her photo. However, she has embraced trends with her Zara suit but made a false choice combining it with this tassel bag that has nothing to do with the spirit and style of the outfit.


Bleumerr, keeps my curiosity fresh with her themed photos. I can’t hold myself to ask have you born in Iron Islands, is arm of your dynasty golden kraken on black ground?



Same trousers, two different styles. I was about write how ordinary Taslim_r looks matching stripped Zara with white stretch blouse, I saw the same trousers on newly blond Ascia and thought the difference might be seen clearly comparing both.

@ascia – @taslim_r


While we are at stretch cotton blouses and how simple they look, I wanted to share Y.asmenaa’s styling. Use T-shirt for summer and knitwear for winter to avoid that look.


Busra Kadir is one of the rare women who are able to modernize the style of different cultures she is in. She combined red kimono with ethnic shawl and matched them with modern cag and sneakers.



Sena Sever made a styling with different tones of blue this week. The combine is a good example of using skirts on street styles but she would have used a printed t-shirt instead of a plane white to avoid monotony of the outfit and have a richer styling. (I didn’t plan to use photoshop like this while learning.)



All I can say for Saharfoad is the importance of wearing your size. You don’t became 38 size when you can barely zip your 38 size trousers on.


Nabilah Kariem matched perfect H&M jeans with oversize Zara blouse and made an effortless cool street style. Actually this is what all bloggers should do. Globally known blogger Chiara Ferragni is at the point she is, she matches luxurious designer products with pieces from chain stores like Zara or Mango. Despite she has a brand of her own she share photos wearing from other brands. I mean, wearing globally brands on street style and adding different brands to your combination will spell their profile and their followers at the wheel.


Atlantafashionicon inspired from Queen of Jordon, Rania Al Abdullah. However she looks like she has made mistakes at some point.


I would like to say hello to everyone who tells me to wear the sunglasses right because I was wearing them under my nose. This year my favorite trend is using 90’s minimal sunglasses under the nose like reading glasses. The first one to adopt this trend Leena keeps inspiring.


Maria Alia created a catchy profile thanks to her successful choices. The combinations are totally different than last year. I liked using a thick belt on trench-coat and matching them with white sneakers. I always give credit for effortless yet not simple looking combinations on street style.


Betul Gedik preferred cross strip detailed jean this week. I think these jeans are expired with 2017 summer, we won’t be seeing them for a while or at least we don’t want to.


As we are leaving 2017 summer behind let’s take a look at Sallyashour’s style which done with 2017-18 Fall\Winter’s trend, spotty pieces. Despite, it chances according to form and pattern of the piece, spotty pieces might make you look like coming from 50’s. So, you should be careful while using them, at least make sure it is adopted for today. Sallyashour matched pointed shirt with a pair of modern jeans wanting to break retro air of the pattern. She has indeed made it.



Someway when one speaks of brave color, first think to come mind would be red. Actually white is a color that requires courage as much as red. Above all, wearing all white makes people think are you going to Umrah? Still, Dinalsharif in this picture looks crystal clear. She made a good styling for her Instagram profile.


I liked this picture of @rimelaskina the moment I saw it. I don’t know if it wasn’t taken here would I like it this much but she looks like enjoying her looks with her galactic patterned dress, box bag from Zara, sand shawl on her head and masculine slippers.



First triplet to come into mind would be denim jeans, red top and a straw bag. Fashionwithfaith moves the outfit with black babush with ethnic embroidery but she could have adopted Morocco better. And so we could ignore her meaningless way to hold a bag.



I was wondering who will wear a heavily patterned dress and match it with the same patterned shawl. Ilaveten isn’t afraid to try new things and become all experimental while dressing and looks like having fun with this 70 resembles dress. Even though I’d like to keep a distance for quilted bags and that doesn’t change with her blue Chanel, I am enthusiastically following her profile as she uses MSGM 2017-18 Fall\Winter line’s team spirit successfully.


Soooo, we have finished an article. We have seen various styles. Which one is closer to yours? Which is your favorite this week?

See you next week with a new article…


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