Hello from another classical Monday. Mondays get another meaning I don’t even watch TV shows for the sake of my article on Aysha.

I have been writing my opinion first and then post the picture for you to see my opinion before the photo, I think you know me and my style better. Thus this week I am going to post the picture first and then write. I wonder if you can guess my ideas or not…



The picture is from Vogue Arabia September issue. I had written about it earlier. The second photo on the left is Saufeya and wearing a Kuaybe Gider black dress. I wanted to pass the information on since I have just heard.



Halima Aden, apparently knows this is her year and works really hard. Rihanna, promoting the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna shared new cover girl of Grazia, Halima’s up-left photo as well. You will remember the advertorial film and “we don’t always have to be same” motto from previous articles.


 Mademoisellememe captured by street style photographers on New York Fashion Week with Gucci colors. As different tissues gives a rich styling and ravished silhouette I fancied sateen and knitwear together. Glory of the sateen is balanced with the modesty of the knitwear.


Sena Sever preferred from LCW modest line which she attended launch party last week. Printed red Nike t-shirt, Nike Cortez and headsets gives her an ideal street style. her outfit looks good except heavy wedding make-up.


We see Khaoulathings in pink plush this week. These assertive pieces may cause ordinary look if the styling is not strong, so it will be your benefit to use them with jeans and t-shirts. Her tough girl shoes fight against femininity of pink plush but her tight trousers give ammo to plush. May be another woman might have carry it better but unfortunately not her. This styling would be better with a mom jean, at least a wide cut trousers.


Leena preferred a pink plush this week as well. Her plush is looks like out of the movie “Monstrous University”. Her shoes remind me old school girls with uniform and white collar. If you think culotte pants with wide cut coats make you look shorter you can use a pair of high heels to end misery.



Firrrr threw herself in the middle of street and squatted for the sake of fashion, I deeply hope it was closed to the traffic. She has a pair of Vans which is at the market for a decade but somehow extinct this year.

 Jackson Pollock, 1912-1956


Rimelaskina is wearing a maxi bomber jacket from Hasema sportswear collection that reminds drop paintings of Jackson Pollock. And she officially combined the jacket with bicycles. I admired both jacket and bicycles.


Ebru Sever Turk made the right choice while wearing  a bomber jacket to make tutu skirt look sportive. Even though I don’t recommend these skirts on casual life like for school or work it might be a good choice for a friend date and the right form is making it sportive. It is best to make it forgotten wearing with huge knit wears, jackets or sweatshirts.

The problem with her combination is over fitting syndrome. I think it is best to get rid of black-gold matching if you are not shooting an R&B film and get rid of the shoes. Additionally those sunglasses shouldn’t be over the shawl.


I sincerely loved the piece from Ascia collection  with Riva collaboration. I hope the belt is hers too.


The out of Fatima is sooooo boring. I passed away while looking. Her skirt is meaningless with lining. Moreover the fabric on the top should be as short as lining. But the shirt is under, there are no other accessories, her sandals is extremely ordinary. Even her skirt is fixed, her combination is boring.


I think Haifa is really flying. If she is jumping when hands in her belts, you can’t tell. She looks like a big flying chocolate box.


Justefatema is wearing the striped Kenzo skirt which Saufeya wornd last week. The both aren’t ideal combination but at least Fatema began with more interesting idea. I wish she should have worn an old rock band t-shirt and a jacket without frills these complicated look might be fixed.


Photographer Banan Alawneh made a styling with my favorite winter colors. Even though her shoes aren’t successful enough she apparently knows the importance of watches.


I think there are no tails in Atlanta. Fashion icons have longer cuffs. In order to fix the proportion, pants should be a size smaller and a little bit shorter. Still I am thrilled with matching those ear rings with spots.


If you see me protesting matching shoes with bags with big banners on the streets don’t be surprised. For now, I keep my silence thinking is it all we have?


Mthayelalali shared a photo that looks like Kenzo shoes ad, I figured it is an advertisement collaboration when I see the vid. I invite all luxury brands to work with Turkish influencers, why do you thşnk they are ignoring us? I wait for your commend.

That’s all for the week. I hope to see exciting stylings in the new season. I am hopeful to see more interesting stylings as the weather gets colder and layers get colorful. Remember to write your favorite



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