Hello from another week. I am here while the seasons change, shows end and lovers fall apart. I don’t know about you but the weekly articles are big part of my life, if I were to end, probably still would be writing about Instagram styles.

And let’s about modest Instagram stylings of the last week…


You see the picture of Dinatokio; she is wearing a plaid trench coat and sock boots. I got enough clues to get suspicious about the outfit with a glimpse of denim in the trench coat. So I am avoiding premature judgments before seeing whole combination, despite fairy tale boots and giant round ear-rings.


Ilaveten is wearing a stripped overall from Touche. I honestly don’t know everybody else to look this good in that romper. The cuffs are crying to get fixed in a tailor and she seems to listening them. The colors reminded me turquoise and orange of Gucci runway and proves this hue of orange goes well with turquoise.



Probably everyone sees the same thing in this photo; there is some sort of heel craves in Indonesia and Malaysia. I am experiencing serious damages because of these platforms which is a very accurate naming for them. They don’t look good and make legs look longer despite ruining proportion and they are ugly. My eyes literally hurt.


Agniapunjabi’s styling with shoes catastrophe. She obviously couldn’t resist the retro winter hat and shawl trend but I am stunned about her choice. There were really better ones. Her combination is cheesy anywhere you cut it.


Justfatema apparently decided to have an Ulyana Sergeenko silhouette this week. My brain works like a detective movie. When I see the picture, my brain brings other matching images. It becomes tiring.

Even though I don’t write about night gowns I mention about time to time. The important point is making it look like designed for you, not fixed in a tailor to adopt modest style. That’s why I can’t approve these modified strapless dresses should be in a garbage ban, not on a lady.


Senanur Bostan matched plaid trench coat from Suud Collection with white shirt and denim pants. Both her shawl choice and light colors under the trench coat made a fresh combination.


Ascia posed for a camera for Kenzo and shared a nice pic from the ad, in the middle of desert with a vintage car. The beauties of her shawl and color choices are stunning. This pic s a nominee for a “best of” article.


Rumastyles looks way shorter than she actually is with her wrong trouser choice. It is so low that even wearing all one color couldn’t prevent to cut her leg height. If you haven’t read about “Key Points of Looking Taller” article yet, you can click HERE 


Sena Sever’s sweatshirt is from Hasema Sportswear collection. Her shawl is with a completely different color than her outfit. This is a way to match plain colors with heavy patterns but I find it a bit daring, I think I would have match the sweatshirt with a tranquil black one.


I think Shahdbatal wanted to make “skirt over trouser” thing and obviously looping that button seem enough to her. I can’t resist to look that poor button. This beautiful leather skirt is wasted with that stripped overall. I wished she was wearing a wooly jumper to balance shine of the skirt.


What are you doing Bluemerr? That photo fell into my computer like it is from a catalog. That day I said “here is something to write about”. She used same tones with her shawl and her raincoat which preserves the peace of the photo. Her big leather bag made the combination extra ordinary. Moreover every week I am on the pins and needles about her background choices for the photo. Because I think background is an irrevocable part of styling. They can’t be thought apart. What is worn with which color and in where? This is the equation of styling.


This is the way to wear skirt over pants example came from Leena this week. She made a Far Eastern spiced styling. She used to have this eastern tone more often. Her thin retro glasses are legendary. I have two vintage sunglasses like those and I am determined to keep them forever.


Rimelaskina preferred a maxi cardigan this week. I think her styling is a little bit complicated as there is too many competing pieces. Her maxi cardigan is hard to find and beautiful, the styling should have point it out.


If I were to force wearing only one style until the end of my life, that would be tone-sur-tone. I like it that much. It gives delicate and rich look. You can make a tone-sur-tone styling with the cheapest pieces in the world your clothes would look more luxurious than they are. Maria made it with a difficult color, thus the outcome is more impressive.

Well, that’s it for the week. I think it has been a good week, I bet you will have a hard time to choose your favorite. Mention your favorite styling in the commend section. See you next week.











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