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Aysha proudly presents Instagram styles of the week! If you have broken the fast and sank back into your couch we can discuss about last week’s Instagram fashionistas.

Last week I have written about journalist @ntagouri in her traditional henna night dress. She shared this photo to satisfy our curiosity about her wedding dress and as far as I understand out of Polaroid pics, it is a plain, regular cut wedding gown. I think, she should be sharing new photos soon and I will write about it more next week.


There was a travel blast before Ramadan on Instagram. We have seen a different city skyline or streets of another country wherever we look. Was it difficult to choose outfit images among thousands that was obviously squeezed into couple of days? Of course but I won’t complain after winter drought I lived through.

@ebrusevertrk who went to Morocco with her sister @senaseveer, stopped by to blue pear of Africa, Chefchaouen, where is famous for blue buildings and streets. She had chance to get remarkable images in colorful Moroccan street silhouette with her Kuaybe Gider travel outfit she had chosen from 2017 spring summer line. Blouse and dress looks perfect on her. However, tone of the shawl and blouse doesn’t fancy with each other. Her shawl should have been a couple tone lighter than her blouse, for example vanilla could be perfect. Or, ecru shawl could lead a clean and lightened styling.


Something happened to @mariaalia lately, I didn’t use to like her fashion style before, but she has gained my attention last couple weeks. She really made a huge progress comparing her styling of months ago. She’d worn a red stripped shirt resembling to Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2017 line. Her combination is nice but her shoes need a ‘thing’, like a flower, a logo or a little drawing. I like sunglasses reminiscent of 60’s; they do a great job with pictures.


Is this dress famous around there, I don’t know. What I know is, how awful it should be, that, both @izreensya and @rafidaaaaaaaah failed with it. @rafidaaaaaaaah has saved by the bell thanks to backstage color and correct scarf tone but the dress looks boringly normal on @izreensyafika’s match.

        @izreensya @rafidaaaaaaaah

@rimelaskina matched yellow Touche suit with mini Chloe last week. Two little details saved her looks of the hook; blue details in her hijab and white soles of her sneakers. Otherwise it easily could be monotonic. As much as I don’t like leaving one side of the shawl longer than other, this style became her signature, nothing to do.


@dinatokio is back to town. Last week she shared tone sur tone outfits one after another. I picked this military green one for you, but if you are curious about other, take a look at her profile. Don’t you think these colors are in perfect harmony with each other? Even her leopard boots didn’t bother me. Except one little thing, her pants size and length make her look shorter. If her boots were shorter and pants were longer, the outfit would have looked balanced.


There is this posing-while-squat rush in Instagram for months, which I complain about now and then. I mean this pose may be good for a fashion shoot or else but in this photo, she meaninglessly makes a squat in the middle of the street. Only one question appears in my mind, Why @fashionwithfaith, why?


@strngrrr is another squatter of the week who hasn’t pass over putting one hand in her pocket.


Finally… I was craving to write about kitten heels for a while. At last someone has put on one and now I can chat about them. This season Maria Grazia Chiuri, new creative director of Gucci, interpreted little slim heeled shoes and proved kitten heals may be fashionable and chic while making them the irreplaceable piece of the 2017 spring summer season. Last week, @leenalghouti had worn modern version of Audrey Hepburn’s favorite shoes. I wish her “Dior Addict” t-shirt were a long sleeved hovel sweatshirt and her jacket were absent, but I will hold my mouth for the sake of her beautiful yellow sunglasses and Dior shoes.


I won’t lie to you; I was deeply hurt when I see Jordanian movie producer @samahsafi in that dress. The dress is almost gothic, has a heart shaped décolleté. I would start with pastel combed cotton top and floral hijab but I can’t, because that dress is a fault, no matter how you slice it. You can wear with sweaters or long shirts but this dress has no place in a modest outfit, especially in daylight.


Yes, my blood pressure went up. Let me take a piece of @bsrayarar stillness to calm myself. @bsrayarar preferred a suit she designed for Taly’s this week. When you look at the picture, you feel the calm and tranquility, and feel relaxed. We should spread our minimalist modest fashion sense to the world. I am very glad to meet international modest dresser, even though I feel a little bit hesitated for criticism I make.


@feeeeya made herself a little chubbier than she is thanks to her unfitting outfit. Women who have a slim waist and wider hips than shoulder, look slim when they emphasize their waist. The purpose should be attracting attention somewhere else, but if you wear a jacket that ends on your hips, you gain attraction to the thickest area of the body.


For those who ask me holiday outfit, I would recommend this Bodrum look of @ilaveten. Her custom made blue dress, her thick green strapped breathing shawl and her cheerful straw bag carries us to holiday mood over the screen.


@mrmr__4 looks unbelievable with her Dracula collars. It is ok to pull collars like this for winter, but I think it is pointless to do so for thin tops. I’d seen a polo collars up last week and I still feel a little bit dizzy. The point where pleat of the skirt merges looks lower than her belt. When you try to emphasize your waist with these kinds of belts be careful to wear it at the top of pleas to make it look like they start opening from that point.


@kuaybegider had worn pieces from her own line, again. With this combination, the long white shirt reminiscent me to doctor uniform, thus I couldn’t like it in this style.


@ascia_akf matched Mango blue summer dress with Stella McCartney’s belt bag that made a huge breakthrough this season. Well, they look really uninvolved with each other. I like this kind of belt bags with outfits that have military overtones, because they make impression as if they are for carrying ammunition. Of course you don’t need to look like writing a letter from battlefront like the pic on the right. A hint of dessert colors and some khaki green would be more than enough. You can soften the image with matching modern formed shoes.


And for the last one this week I wanted to write about @bolbeyin who has great amount of followers.  She is a photographer and makes remarkable fashion and art shoots in general, but she became wondered by her style as well. This studio preparation pic is one of my favorites.


This is it for the week but I wonder who you will like most? See you with a new article next week.

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