The winter always brings the illnesses and our immune system may be left unguarded. The basic thing to do against winter illnesses is changing your kitchen and diet to add nourishment. Let’s all shield up against the germs with simple changes.

You can empower your immune system and balance the bacterial environment of your body with consuming the food below in reasonable portions. Instead using supplement or multi-vitamins, balanced and rich diet is enough to protect up your immune system and prevent the germs. Read further to figure out the “rich” foods.

Consume Fresh Milk

Fresh milk has beneficial bacteria that are intensifier the immune system and protective against allergies. Especially Vitamin A, Zinc and enzymes are plenty in fresh milk, in addition to immunization with rich fatty acids.

Make a Wide Room in your Kitchen for Coconut Oil

The coconut oil is not only excellent nourishment for metabolism and thyroid but also a rich source of lauryl acid. Lauryl acid helps monolaurine formation which is a compound situated in breast milk to boost babies immune system and inevitable for our body too. You can cook your meals with coconut oil and have delicious and healthy results.

Mushroom with High Protein

In addition to empowering immune system with Vitamin C and B, Calcium and high protein, it is a strong immune-enhancing food with high beta-globulin component. It activates anti-infection feature of cleanser white blood cells and macrophage as it attaches to them. You can begin your day with mushroom omelet as a first step.

Colorful and Tasteful: Blueberries and Raspberries

With strong anti-oxidant feature, blueberry and raspberry are good immunizers. The anthocyanin substance gives the blueberry its color which is a strong photochemical. Besides sugar range of both raspberry and blueberry is significantly low, you can consume it with oatmeal or add to your drinks.

The Warrior Garlic

The garlic is a perfect warrior against harmful microorganisms as it has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal feature. The best attribute of garlic is not building resistance against bacteria, fungus or viruses like synthetic antibiotics. In order to take advantage of garlic most, you should be consuming it one hour after its peeled and should be fresh. If you add garlic to your daily diet, your health graphic will rise eventually.

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