Significance of Accessories at the Decoration


Dear Aysha Readers;

We haven’t get the chance to talk about decoration for a while. I am aware of the decoration glut just any other fanciers; which is about spread like a bonfire. There are copy-paste accessories at all the homes that diminishes the quality of the design and undermines the significance of the accessories at the decoration.

Why should Ayse and Fatıma have exactly same accessories? The items that symbolizes their inner thoughts and secluded living areas are so identical? It is not possible. so, why do we see the same accessories at all the houses? The branded books on the coffee table, the ball-globes, same candles, same trays, same vases… and boom, the decoration is complete! Is it? no way, it is not possible…


Release the soul of your home. The books you display should carry memories and even think would I read this book time to time and then place them at the middle of the living room. Smell the candle before you buy them. Do some research, where do they sell best candles and what effect would this candle leave at my home? Does the object have a significant meaning and how would it stand at my home? And I recommend you to think while you place blossoms into a vase; can I revive my home with these? Hang the family heritage and heirlooms of the elders of your family to your walls. Or, you can display selected items, choose various items and combine them, let them be relative on your wall and connect. If you’ll get professional aid, do it together.


Don’t let your homes to look like a ready-made and easily consumable works. The living area of your should be peculiar to you, has a mark from you. Regardless to its price tag; it is valuable if it is at your home, just know that.


Do not underrate an item just as accessory. Don’t let the accessory reflect somebody else style or taste in the home that you decorated with imposing. Take time to every detail of your home so that it can be timeless and reflect you, not the decoration trends.

Architect Betül Boy Zafer

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