A Splendid Method to Regenerate Your Body: Ozon Therapy   

We all have problems minor or major with our body, and always seek a treatment for them. whether it is skin problems or problems with our body, there is a splendid therapy method that has been recognised by medicine circles as well, and gives the instant result unlike others: the ozon therapy. That is complementary therapy that promises to regenerate your body and cells. Let’s dig into the method and see how it done first…


The initial step is preparation. The ozon gaz resolves at the device that is readily connected to oxygen tank. They are used with disposable injectors, all the set is actually should be disposable at the ozon therapy. The amount of the ozon that will be used should be decided by a physician. After the drawing vascular access establish rapidly. It is a very simple process, it is not painful. You should better be taking deep breath during establishing vascular access. After that, up to 100-150 CC blood collects into a sterile serum bottle which should be glass. The ozon injects into that blood in a closed circle system. The ozon given blood injects to the person’s vein. This is a very short process, almost takes 8-10 minutes.


How Can You Take Benefit From Ozon Therapy?

The ozon therapy is recommended for those who undergoes gribal infection very often, if the doctor approves the beginning of the cancer treatment, fatigue, exhaustion, egzama and skin problems or such. Beside these, smokers use it to prevent harmful effects. It is also very useful for purifying skin and reviving metabolism.


Hygiene is Sine Qua Non

Hygiene code is very strict at the ozon therapy. The process should be applied by experienced nurse and doctor collaboration and all medical rules should be followed. People who get ozon therapy done known with not catching serious flue or influenza.


You shouldn’t expect a miraculous effect from ozon therapy. When it is done for a period, the blood flow would expedite, fatigue and sleep deprivation decrease, immune system empowers and the skin get shinier. It is a complementary treatment for psora, liver dysfunctions, and rheumatism. Keep in mind, this is systematic ozon therapy, ozon saunas or rooms wouldn’t give the same result.


In order to empower the immune system your own blood should be injected on the hips up to 5 or 6 CC or to a shoulder muscle to 3 cc.


Ozon therapy gives the best result if it is processed twice a week for ten sessions. If it will be done not from blood but serum it can be done day after day but medically there should be 3 days between two sessions. Besides you shouldn’t get Vitamin C 4 hours before and after ozon therapy.

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