Be the Star of Your Graduation Night!



Graduation is one of those nights, that we look the pictures for years and remember unnecessary even if we get old. Naturally we would like to look best that night remembered by our perfection! We say start planning early to regret nothing.


Ahmet Coban from Garage Hair Repair Studio says first thing to do is having an appointment and meeting with a beauty salon before the big day. You need to sit down with an expert hair dresser and consult them about the hair style you fancied before. Do you need to change her hair color or hair extensions? Is your dream hair style compatible with your dress? Or do you need a hair care session before making any models? How you should prepare your face for the make-up? You should have a plan with the hair dresser for all these treatments, for example changing your hair color may take longer time than you think. You also should explain the hair style in your mind in details in order not to have bad surprises. Try to find multiple models before sitting down with hairdresser so that you can decide the best one to suit your face.


Highlight Effect on Hairs

As the graduations are usually on May or June, adding highlight that looks like lightened from the sun creates a natural brightness on face, which looks really fresh and cool on graduation pictures. The challenge is adjusting the lightness of the hair according to your face type. So, if you are planning to highlight your hair make sure your hair is on professional hands. With a minor mistake you may see a stranger on the mirror. We suggest buns or maces, supporting with natural braids. With that kind of hair you can have fun without worrying your hair and underline a neck detail of the gown easily.

Minimalist Technics

If you prefer to leave your hair over your shoulders we suggest you to jazz your hair with natural waves on the tips. Now that all firm stiff hairs, decent tresses and firm buns are very outdated, don’t hesitate to inspire from celebrities. This season wet apparent hair style is really hit, it looks effortless and chic. Also, if your dress has multiple riveting details we suggest you to go for minimalist models like two side pony tails. Even though the minimalist hairstyles seem very easy always remember to leave your hair to a professional to avoid surprise element.

“Of course your hairs health is crucial” says Ahmet Coban from Garage Hair Repair Studio who also designed “Garage Organics” to revive his motto ‘well-cared hair is beautiful’. He recommends graduation girls to start hair care at least a month before the event. Be sure using sulfate-free shampoo to clean without damaging it, and use an organic serum to shine with health. So your hair will be effected less from heat and moist and keep its form during graduation party.

Never Exaggerate Your Make-Up

We suggest you to try natural make up for your face type. Shiny lip sticks are behoove young aged women as long as the gown is not excessively rich. You may complete your make-up with garnet, coral or fuchsia toned eye-liners.  If your dress is Hellenistic or romantic designed inspire from sunset and use bronze, golden, peach, rose colors. Shape of your eyebrows is important for your make-up as they are frame of your face. Try to consult an expert approximately a month before to find perfect thickness and curve.

One of the secrets of perfect make up is well-cared and clean skin. You should prepare your skin for make-up by drinking water and clean it daily. If you have acne or wide pores, be sure to use correct product beforehand.


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