Summer Alterations for Interior Venues

Architect Betül Boy Zafer

We all have accessories at home either bought without giving a second thought or gifted. Have ever thought how these objects affect the aura of your rooms? Let’s sort them out.

Renewing is good for energy of the home in mid seasons or once a year. Meanwhile you can check decoration magazines and bring trendy ones in. Mid seasons are perfect because it is good opportunity to cease the moment with pillows, blankets or candles. Marine objects, sea blues or ocean colors on dinner tables will raise your life energy and motivation in Summer.

Sorting out doesn’t mean throwing away. Some objects have sentimental value, you can’t throw away. You can wrap them up gently and put in boxes. Check them time to time, some pieces may become trendy again, use them right away.

What about bigger stuff? Naturally coaches should be renovated; re-waxed or upholstered. If you pick new trendy colors for the fabric, it will bare your soul and feel like entering a new home every time. But the trick is choosing color according to four seasons, not just for summer or winter. Besides, you should go for dust and stain proof fabrics. Consider these while choosing wax or fabrics if you don’t trust yourself try to consult an expert.

Another chance to renew your home would be your carpet and floors. During summer most of the people want to get rid of carpets. You can use thin rugs instead. Why not purchasing stylish summer rugs as an alternative? Meanwhile chance the paints on the walls. Switch them or buy more summer ones and hang them. so you can re-decorate your living area for summer.

Don’t neglect flowers as well. You can buy new vases and grid up your place with colorful blossoms. Let you soul feel alive first and then your place.

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