Ten Luxurious Fashion Boutiques of Istanbul

Fashion   or history, in Istanbul you can find whatever you desire just around the corner. Custom made clothes and designer’s products are side by side with western brands’ products in most of the boutiques.

Museum of Fine Clothing

Eda Gungor had launched her clothes museum long ego in famous Nisantasi Dilek Apartment. Her initial goal was creating designs that don’t leave behind times in a season and collect timeless designer pieces round the world. She used “museum” in the boutiques name to underline the she is collecting and keeping precious artistic fashion pieces. Even though the place looks like a corner store that sells high end products, she sells custom made clothes as well.

Contact: (212)236 4660


Closh Boutique

The catch on Nisantasi Atiye Avenue a store that looks like a historical movie set will draw your attention. Two close sisters, Serli and Sevin founded their boutique six years ago and maintain their enthusiasm on Haute Couture pieces.  We recommend you to glance at their mother-daughter fitting outfits.

Contact: (212) 258 5756


Casette is famous for handy-made leather shoes and bags and has three branches around the city. Every size of every model is produced single for every store. If you can catch what you like, you’re lucky. Jewels, bags and outfits are among diggers.

Contact: 0216 356 00 69


You can find prominent Western brand’s outstanding pieces in Galata Atelier55 store. You may purchase lots of treasuries; from dresses to sculptures and paintings. You also should take a break from shopping and have a cup of coffee in store and enjoy the atmosphere.

Contact: 0212 245 32 55


Boz Sisters
The store belongs four sisters which is famous for custom made clothes. You may run into famous designer’s pieces as well as custom jewels, handy made purses. They alter their product range every month and thus every time you walk through a new venue.

Contact: 0212 234 45 56


Date Desig-ner’s Corner

This corner store has exclusive designs of Gamze Saraçoğlu, Simay Bülbül, Nej and such, most of them don’t even tender in their own showrooms. Shopping for special nights and events designer’s corner should be your first stop.

Contact: 0212 243 81 26


Midnight Express
National and International designers rank among the collection of store in which you will find are custom made jewels and furniture or home accessories. One of the Bebek boutiques is reserved for only special designed jewelry but Nisantasi store is like a luxurious Ikea.

Contact: 0212 265 45 47


Nr 39
NR39 named after the apartment complex it is in, serves as store and atelier. Using leather, pure silk, and stout leather they design shoes exclusive for some occasions, such as weddings and creative parties.

Contact: 0212 241 40 59


Zeckie has two stores in Nisantasi and Galatasaray, and presents colorful and unique designs. Jewelry designer Zekiye Kocarslan will amaze you with figure embroidered gold, silver and bronze glyptic, especially precious rock covered handle bags.

Contact: 0212 232 59 37



1930’s dresses, Marie Mercié signature Paris style hats and splendid decorative objects, art books and accessories all speaks to your eyes, souls and all in sale! Venice style slippers are by far our favorites. Red, blue, orange and purple…

Contact: 0212 237 46 98

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