A prosperous Ramadan has yielded to Eid Mubarak with a long vocation. While the hotter days are around the corner, travelling is one of the best things to do for Eid. In old times Eid used to be celebrated as a festival with large town squares with magicians, chair swing rides, hawkers, gypsies and colorful balloons. After salat al eidain in big mosques people were on the streets until sunlight thanking Allah to reach them happy Eid. In Ottoman Empire, traditions were strongly cherished, waking up early, visiting relatives and serving desert, pouring nice scents on, and relieve charity and money to little ones were strongest traditions.

If you haven’t planned your Eid vocation yet, after visiting elders of the family Istanbul is best place to spend time to. Almost every store is open for Eid and even if is not as much as old times; mosques are still full for Eid tours. Besides, we compiled a list of 10 things to do in Istanbul, with traditional and modern venues.

  1. Bosporus Tour: Summer time Eid is perfect for Bosporus Tour with a ferry. There are special Eid tours from Eminönü or Besiktas district. After a break at Kanlica for some traditional yoghurt enjoy the turquoise water and breathtaking view.
  2. Price Island Trip: If Istanbul is an esoteric city, it is because it has the greatest nature and opportunities of a metropolis. Prince Islands are only a ferry and half hour away from the city and with ancient woods and architecture you will feel in a completely different place.
  3. Asmalimescit and Beyoglu: Asmalimescit is awating with great diners and cafés, among Ottoman baroque buildings and historical religious places. After a tiring day with shopping, a lovely evening in Beyoglu is priceless.
  4. Historical Mosques: If you wish to taste an old Ottoman Eid festival, Eyup Sultan Mosque should be your first stop. You can visit Feshane to enjoy festival entertainment or climb to Pierre Loti with gondola to enjoy Goldenhorn view.
  5. Cultural Tour: Most of the museums are open for the Eid, like Topkapi Museum or Basilica Cistern. Also, if you are interested in art or investing in, try exhibit venues of the city like Istanbul Modern.
  6. Belgrad Woods:In a hot day nothing is better than a long walk in the woods. There are places for outdoor sports. Enjoy cold breeze of Bosporus and endless green woods.
  7. Jashua’s Hill: Istanbul was the center of old world, and some prophets were to live and buried in according to myths. Jashua’s Hill is the highest hill of Bosporus and a sacret visit place for Istanbul.
  8. Sirkeci:With old Grand Bazaar and New Mosque, visiting Sirkeci and spend a day for a detailed tour in Eid is a tradition. Visit Hacı Bekir or Cafer Erol for Eid candies and enjoy a long dinner in restaurants.
  9. Arnavutkoy- Rumelihisarı: BetweenArnavutkoy – Rumelihisari Istanbul will unveil all the beauties of nature. In summer mimosas are blossomed and still tulips are colorful. You can have a meal at beautiful fishing restaurants or have a picnic at beautiful Emirgan Grove. There are hookah cafes near the sea as well.
  10. Anatolian Side and Rumeli Fenerleri:Anatolian shore of the Bosporus has the old Istanbul city culture still. In small neighborhoods you can spend the day with dining, shopping and enjoying the view.



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