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When the summer comes, most of us think about a long summer day with lots of swimming and enjoying the sun to get rid of the tiredness of the long cold winter. However with hijabi ladies or for women who are more moderate and modest might have a hard time while trying to enjoy said summer holidays. Or, let me put it this way, it used to. Since the fashion industry noticed ladies with hijab or with more effective role of the pious people at the sector, summer and beach holiday became easier and even possible for modest ladies. Well, what you should consider? What you should consider from design to fabric?

The modest bathing suits which are also called as hasema is not as easy to use as it looks. It shouldn’t swell and bother you while swimming or should dry just as you walk out of the sea so that you won’t feel cold. Also, new tech in fabric allows it to flow the sand over. These problems may look small but may turn the holiday you enthusiastically waited for at the winter into the hell. Moreover, the hasema shouldn’t be close fit when wet.


When it comes to hasema, the initial problem is the design. It should be suitable to swim technically and also be stylish enough to satisfy us at the beaches. It is crucial to compound vivid colors of the summer with modest style to make us comfortable in regards of modesty and also designed with the chic style of ours. The hasema designers are developing themselves day by day while the fabrics and style of the bathing suits are developed according to main fashion sense. You have chance to feel more comfortable and fluent in an aesthetic look.


While the women have chance to express themselves in a more free way, the designs are developed accordingly. We shouldn’t overlook the effect of the social media. The swimming hijabs are as important as the hasema itself, it must be designed carefully. You should be tanning and swimming without thinking about it and don’t need a needle or such. There are few brands to obtain this, Adesa is one of many. Just like the swimsuits the hijabs are designed for the ladies during your holiday. We all know that one woman at the beach who looks a discreet place to fix her hijab and how difficult it is. Moreover Adesa transforms the experiences at the textile area to the hasemas both in fabric and design to produce the most comfortable and stylish hasemas for us.

If you want to have a easy, comfortable and religious holiday, Ada Sea will make you happy.

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